Sun Delivers Enhanced Netra CT cPCI Telecom Blade Servers

11/26/2002 - Enhancing the industry's first NEBS-certified CompactPCI (cPCI) commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) telecom blade servers, Sun Microsystems introduces Netra[tm] CT 410 and 810 cPCI telecom blade servers, Netra CP2140 and CP2160 cPCI blades, and Netra HA Suite Foundation Services (FS) 2.1 software. The new carrier-grade systems, blades and software are a result of Sun's continued commitment to the telecom industry and to deliver higher performing, rack-dense systems and software that meet the increasing demands of wireless and other telecom applications.

"Network Equipment Provider (NEP) customers need to quickly deploy services like wireless gaming and interactive voice response to grow ARPU (average revenue per user). To meet these needs, NEPs have shifted from internally developed platforms to Sun's open compute platforms. These platforms leverage more architectural options that can be rapidly developed, deployed, and upgraded in time to meet constantly changing service demands, said Arlen Vanderwel, vice president, Netra Systems Product Group, Sun Microsystems. "Sun's new Netra CT and CP offerings with HA software enable our customers to easily scale their infrastructure without any system downtime and speed time to market without sacrificing overall system performance."

"The Netra CT 410/810 server is the next generation of this platform that we've used for nearly two years," said Mike Iandolo, CDMA development vice president with Lucent Technologies' Mobility Solutions Group. "Lucent has been very successful deploying earlier versions of the Netra platforms to meet the call processing and data needs of today's wireless networks. These new platforms build on that success, and will enable us to offer our customers improved performance and impressive investment protection, all with a reduced footprint."

Telecom Blade Servers Delivering Comprehensive System Management
Designed for reliability and flexibility, Netra CT 410 and 810 cPCI telecom blade servers are Sun's full upgrade of the Netra CT server product line offering OEMs ruggedized systems that scale to 16 processor blades per shelf and 48 processor blades per rack. These systems offer the telecom industry the most comprehensive system management services, including comprehensive processor and element management, remote alarm function, lights out management, and hot swap control of all system components. The system management software components provide connectivity to high availability software packages running the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment, including the Netra HA Suite software and the new version, FS 2.1.

Netra CT 410 and 810 servers take compute and I/O density to the next level, with full satellite support in all I/O slots, allowing each blade to behave as a networked enterprise server sharing support resources including storage, I/O cards, Power Supply Units (PSUs), and fans. With the Netra system management and HA software, the system can create up to 7 node clusters in a single cPCI bus segment. Upgraded system management features FRU ID for active components and additional midplane features, including PICMG 2.9 IPMI system management and HA Hot Swap.

"NTT Comware announced our new VoIP platform NEXIPT MS-IP which is being used on the Netra CT series since October, said Mr. Horisaka, senior manager, system integration headquarters, NTT Comware." The Netra CT series is the best system for carrier grade VoIP applications and we are very excited about using the new Netra CT 410 and 810 servers."

Open Standard cPCI Blades Increase Performance
The Netra CP2140 and CP2160 cPCI blades are based on open industry standards and provide OEMs, systems integrators and VARs the capability to build customized systems based on the same modular architecture. The Netra CT 410 and 810 cPCI telecom blade servers incorporate the Netra CP2140 and CP2160 blades to deliver a powerful platform for deploying IP-intensive, carrier-grade applications and solutions, particularly in the wireless market. Utilizing the UltraSPARC® IIi 650 MHz processor with expanded maximum memory configurations, the Netra CP2140 and CP2160 cPCI blades are compatible upgrades that now pack a 50 percent increase in performance compared to the Netra CP2040 and CP2060/CP2080 cPCI blades respectively. Both blades have Hot Swap control and IPMI system management, enabling customers to easily upgrade and service systems without any downtime.

The Netra CP2140 functions as a system slot controller blade that includes dual 10/100 Ethernet and SCSI, one PMC slot and up to 4GB of RAM, the most memory on any COTS, SPARC-based board in a single slot. The Netra CP2160 cPCI blade works with the Netra CP2140 and functions as a satellite processor blade. The CP2160 features two PMC slots, front and rear I/O and 10/100 Ethernet, batteryless/TOD, 8MB of User Flash and 3GB of memory with 1GB on-board memory with expansion up to 2GB.

Leading HA Software
Succeeding Sun's Netra HA Suite 2.0, Netra HA Suite FS 2.1 software offers additional HA services on the Netra CT platforms to help network equipment providers, developers, and systems integrators build HA platforms with virtually no single point of failure. The software is designed to help customers save time, costs, and effort in building and maintaining next-generation network infrastructures. With Netra HA Suite FS 2.1, customers can take advantage of enhanced support for soft partitioning, improved usability, enhanced IP service and cluster management, creating improved overall availability levels. Additionally, Netra HA Suite FS software includes API-free services, and software installation and configuration tools for decreased development costs and faster deployment of HA solutions. The software runs on multiple Sun server platforms that include Sun's Netra servers and cPCI blades.

Pricing and Availability
The DC version of the Netra[tm] CT 410 and 810 servers is currently available directly from Sun and its participating iForce[sm] partners at a list price (US) starting at $19,195 for the Netra (CT 410, and a list price (US) for the Netra CT 810 server starts at $22,995. The AC version of these servers is expected to be available in December . The Netra CP2140 blade pricing starts at $3,995 and is available immediately. The Netra CP2160 blade pricing starts at $4,395 and is expected to be available at the beginning of 2003. Netra HA Suite Foundation Services 2.1 is now generally available.

About Sun Microsystems
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