Kada Systems Secures Additional Funding; Brings Total Investment to More Than $10 Million

11/22/2002 - Kada Systems, a leading independent provider of certified J2ME software deployment solutions for mobile solution providers, announced that it has secured $2.6 million in additional private equity in its Series B funding from current investors. Led by JK&B Capital, the investment will be used to expand technical resources and staff. In addition, the company released a whitepaper titled “Critical Requirements for Java Virtual Machines in the Emerging Environment of Distributed Mobile Computing,” which details the role of Java in a mobile environment and critical success factors in deploying Java on mobile devices.

According to the ARC Group, Java-enabled handsets will make up virtually all of the more than 800 million phones sold worldwide by 2007. “Kada is well positioned to be one of the key drivers of the Java-enabled phone market. Building on the successes with major chip manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, this investment will enable Kada to continue to solidify its strong market position,” said Tom Neustaetter, partner, JK&B Capital.

Java is Central to a New Paradigm in Computing
In “Critical Requirements for Java Virtual Machines in the Emerging Environment of Distributed Mobile Computing,” Kada outlines its view of the future of mobile computing, and the software requirements that ensure the optimum user experience. The Distributed Mobile Computing model provides a framework for application design characterized by multiple devices driven by each user’s personal needs. Mobile users will select devices configured with combinations of applications, such as unified messaging, information services, games, traffic conditions and airline schedules, without regard for device constraints.

Further, the worldwide build out of wireless infrastructure (GPRS/CDMA, Wireless LANs and Bluetooth) creates the opportunity for a new class of applications that will be shared across personal networks of devices. Java provides the key foundation for providers and developers to collaborate and upon which to build these solutions.

In addition to seamless connectivity to back-end portal services and enterprise applications, Java enables users to experience true interoperability between phone, PDA and desktop, whether in the office, the car or at home. Central to the success of Distributed Mobile Computing is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which provides the required foundation for each application to run transparently for the end user, on any device.

However, not all JVM’s are prepared to support the seamless world of Distributed Mobile Computing. Key requirements for a successful JVM implementation on constrained devices include:

“Java will sit at the very nerve center of mobile devices and the networks they spawn,” said Jim Acquaviva, president and CEO for Kada. “We have carefully optimized our platform so that device manufacturers and application developers can focus on what they do best. Our JVM will ensure that all devices in the ‘cloud’ can communicate and share information, enabling users to truly achieve seamless, anytime, anywhere, any device connectivity.”

Kada has developed a fully optimized JVM for the Java 2 Micro Edition from Sun Microsystems. This Sun Certified JVM provides a complete and portable platform ready for deployment on any mobile device. Kada employs a unique memory management approach, which creates a thin deployment with a small total footprint on the device. This frees up critical space in memory for other applications and, together with its built in Java acceleration technologies, improves performance significantly.

About Kada Systems
Kada Systems is shaping the future of distributed mobile computing delivering innovative technologies and solutions with an exclusive focus on the client side. As the leading independent provider of certified J2ME software deployment solutions for mobile solution providers, Kada concentrates its resources on enabling its customers to achieve rapid time to market and maximum return on investment. Kada’s mature Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the only best-of-breed solution designed to meet the criteria, beyond small size and fast performance that OEMs, ODMs, developers and manufacturers require to go to market quickly. Kada’s JVM provides the industry’s greatest ROI and lowest total cost of ownership. As a licensee of Sun Microsystems’ JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), Kada is actively advancing capabilities for smart handheld and wireless devices. Kada is headquartered in Burlington, Mass. The company has received funding from JK&B Capital and Network Angel Capital.

About JK&B
JK&B Capital is a $900 million venture capital firm based in Chicago. JK&B was founded in 1996 with the belief that in addition to capital and financial savvy, successful venture investing requires unique relationships and in-depth industry and technical expertise in order to identify the most attractive investment opportunities and consistently add value to portfolio companies. Current and former JK&B portfolio companies include: Exodus Communications, Openwave (Phone.com), Commerce One, Interwoven, CoreTek, Selectica, SilverStream and Zone Labs.

Kada is a registered trademark of Kada Systems, Inc. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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