Credit Agricole Selects Marimba to Distribute Software Throughout its Regional Branch Network

11/22/2002 - Marimba, the Software Change-Management Company, announced that Credit Agricole, one of the largest banks in France, has selected Marimba's Desktop/Mobile Management products to manage the distribution of software throughout its enterprise. The use of Marimba's technology will allow Credit Agricole, for the first time, to have a single solution for the efficient distribution of software and updates throughout its 14 main administrative sites and more than 1,000 local bank branches - a total of approximately 13,000 workstations.

Credit Agricole and its regional branch offices include, Credit Agricole des Savoie, Credit Agricole Centre-Est, Credit Agricole Loire Haute-loire, Credit Agricole Champagne-Bourgogne, and Credit Agricole Sud Rhone-Alpes.

Credit Agricole required a single change and configuration management solution that effectively manages the distribution of software or data to virtually any end-point - desktops, laptops, servers, or devices. Marimba® technology will enable Credit Agricole to centrally manage the process of distributing software updates and patches throughout its organization. Credit Agricole will also use Marimba's technology to self-check whether a remote distribution has been successful, thereby reducing the number of help desk calls and their associated costs.

Adrian Rayner, Marimba European managing director commented, "We are excited about adding Credit Agricole to our growing customer list. Our open, standards-based architecture will enable our solution to be easily and quickly deployed throughout Credit Agricole's enterprise and deliver software consistency to end-users."

About Marimba Desktop/Mobile Management
Marimba's Desktop/Mobile Management products help companies distribute software to virtually any end-point in their networked enterprise. This technology includes policy management capabilities that enable IT resources to pre-determine how and when software updates are distributed, installed, repaired and removed. It also features browser-based reporting capabilities that provide line-of-business managers with real-time status on software deployments and assets.

About Marimba
Marimba, Inc., the Software Change-Management Company, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Marimba's Desktop/Mobile Management, Server Change Management, and Embedded Management product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs.

Marimba is a registered trademark of Marimba, Inc. in the U.S. and/or certain other countries.

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