Spacebar AG Relies on BXP from Venturcom for Flawless Operations

11/21/2002 - When Simon Thorensen needed a solution for managing remote client workstations at Spacebar AG, his new internet gaming café in Trondheim, Norway, he turned to Venturcom. For his business to succeed he needed a solution that would allow him to quickly reconfigure games, keep out hackers and viruses, and minimize system downtime and equipment costs. The systems he had implemented at previous cafés – combinations of software programs, batch files, and custom code – were complex and unstable, requiring complicated setup and costly maintenance. With BXP, he found a better way.

BXP is a software-only solution that turns Windows 2000, XP, and XPe clients into secure, diskless nodes that take advantage of the processing power and peripherals of the client PC. Clients operate without local persistent storage (hard drives, flash memory, bootable CDs), thereby reducing maintenance and ownership costs.

BXP’s centralized system administration makes supporting and deploying new clients as easy as updating an architecture database and creating a new client image. And, BXP can run in shared image mode where similar machines boot from the same protected image. Shared images eliminate the need to copy large images, ease server storage requirements, and provide significant performance benefits through server caching. Additionally, centralizing disk images simplifies backup management and enables security procedures that are not possible in remote client systems.

"With BXP, we have absolutely no technical issues running our internet café. The operations are bullet-proof – even though I’m the only team member with a technical background, I can take off any day and know that BXP is doing my job. And, since we need less equipment and have fewer maintenance and management issues, we have seen significant cost savings." said Mr. Thorensen.

About Venturcom
Venturcom provides tools, operating platforms, training and services to designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom design tools and products leverage Windows Operating Systems and development platforms to provide a robust, solutions oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation and network infrastructure markets.

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