Parasoft Partners with Wind River to Expand Automated Error Prevention Product Offering to Embedded Development Community

11/20/2002 - Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software, announced a partnership with Wind River Systems, a leading provider of embedded software and services, to extend automated unit testing capabilities to the embedded C/C++ development community. Parasoft has joined Wind River’s Partner program and will work to develop C++Test to support Wind River’s Diab® C/C++ compiler suite - now available in Tornado 2.2 and the recently announced Wind River ® platforms.

Software quality concerns continue to plague software development teams everywhere. For those working on embedded systems, the pressure to ensure that applications are error free is even greater. C++Test helps developers thoroughly test C/C++ classes as they are written, when errors are easiest and most cost-effective to find and correct. Although unit testing is a widely accepted method for reducing errors, it often gets overlooked due to its time-consuming nature. C++Test automates this process, enabling developers to thoroughly perform white-box, black-box and regression testing on each C/C++ class. Additionally, C++Test enforces coding standards to help ensure code consistency and reliability.

“We believe the embedded space is a very important market for us,” says Parasoft CEO, Adam Kolawa. “There is a great need for products that can help improve efficiency and make developers’ lives easier by taking some of the burden of testing off their shoulders. C++Test is one such product. Wind River’s Diab compiler suite is widely used throughout this market and we are pleased to partner with Wind River to provide automated unit testing to their customers.”

Wind River’s Diab C/C++ compiler suite combines industry-leading optimization technology with the proven flexibility, reliability and control needed to fully exploit today’s complex CPUs. Diab compiler technology is designed for demanding embedded applications, and its modular architecture enables customers to gain optimal performance from their compiler/silicon investment.

“Wind River and Parasoft share a common goal of delivering solutions for developers that reduce and simplify development time and processes,” said Caroline Yao, director of partner solutions for Wind River. “Working with Parasoft to introduce C++Test to our customers brings additional innovative technologies to our premier Diab compiler suite and WIND RIVER PLATFORMS.”

C++Test 2.0 is available for Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux from Parasoft. Pricing starts at $2495 (machine locked, single user.) C++Test with Wind River’s Diab support is currently in development. Diab 5.0 C/C++ Compiler suite is available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Solaris, HP-UX and Linux from Wind River.

About Wind River’s Partner Program
The Wind River Partner Program is focused on helping hardware and software developers, system integrators and consultants create and sell products and services that complete or are integrated with Wind River products. Wind River partners with leading technology companies in strategic market segments, including Internet infrastructure, telecommunications, Internet appliances, consumer electronics and semiconductors. Partners work hand-in-hand with Wind River to provide total solutions to customers.

About Wind River
Wind River is the worldwide leader in embedded software and services. It is the only company to provide market-specific embedded platforms that integrate real-time operating systems, development tools and technologies. Wind River’s products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Wind River provides high-integrity technology and expertise that enables its customers to create superior products more efficiently. Companies from around the world are standardizing on Wind River, creating the most reliable products while also accelerating their time to market. Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, call Wind River at 1-800-872-4977.

About Parasoft
Founded in 1987, Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. The Parasoft family of Automated Error Prevention tools includes Jtest, Jcontract, CodeWizard, C++Test, Insure++, WebKing, SOAPtest and DataRecon. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web, and enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft is a privately funded company, which has been granted eight patents and numerous awards Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to

C++Test is a trademark of Parasoft, Parasoft is a registered trademark of Parasoft. Wind River Systems, the Wind River Systems logo, Tornado and VxWorks and Diab are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc.

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