NewMonics Asserts Leadership Over Mission-Critical Java

11/20/2002 - NewMonics announces the release of PERC 4.0, the leading development platform for complex embedded systems. This latest release builds on the strengths of the award-winning PERC product line, unique in its support for real-time garbage collection, dependable real-time tasking, and priority inheritance.

The 4.0 release adds real-time timers for accurate triggering of time-driven tasks, improved memory management for greater system flexibility within smaller total memory footprint, and a new direct-memory API which allows the QuickPERCTM native compiler to optimize access to memory-mapped I/O ports and buffers that are shared with legacy components written in C or C++. These industry-leading capabilities make PERC the only choice for mission-critical Java deployments ranging from Nortel's Optera HDX long-haul fiber-optic switch to Parker-Hannifin's motion-control equipment.

"The key to successful embedded Java deployments is the right combination of integration tools, visibility into system operations, and a core that is robust, secure, economical, and reliable," said Tim Tumilty, NewMonics VP of Sales and Marketing. "Our new release of PERC 4.0 takes these critical criteria to the next level and makes embedded Java adoption, integration, and deployment a reality."

The PERC virtual machine (VM) management API and PERC shell allow programmers to monitor the internal operation and adjust the configuration of the virtual machine. PERC 4.0 adds new VM management services, offering improved control over the memory management subsystem. This enables creation of autonomous policy-based management of complex software systems. PERC-enabled applications manage themselves, adjusting the memory management configuration to optimize memory utilization, balance the effort between execution of application code and garbage collection activities, and eliminate the risk of out-of-memory conditions. Additional memory subsystem improvements delivered in the 4.0 release include more efficient object representations, more flexible handling of very large objects, and tighter packing of virtual machine startup code. With these enhancements, PERC 4.0 is the only virtual machine to offer JDK 1.3 compatible libraries in a startup footprint of only 1.5 Mbytes.

The PERC VM is well known for its superior handling of mission-critical Java. A key attribute of almost all mission-critical applications is the tight integration of Java code and legacy components written in C and C++. The PERC 4.0 release further improves this integration by using native tasks for all Java threads. This accelerates the Java Native Interface (JNI), simplifies coordination between Java and C tasks, and enables the use of mainstream task visualization tools to facilitate understanding and optimization of hybrid Java/C applications. PERC 4.0 continues to support the PERC Native Interface (PNI), which is smaller and faster than JNI. A novel feature added to the 4.0 release is the DirectMemory class. This Java API allows Java programmers to directly access native-shared buffers and memory-mapped I/O ports without incurring the overhead of either PNI or JNI.

Pricing and availability:
Immediately available, PERC 4.0 is prepared to meet the special needs of mission-critical headless (without GUI) applications in markets such as network infrastructure, storage area networks, industrial automation, telematics, and defense systems. PERC 4.0 is priced from USD $4995. For more information or to receive an evaluation copy, please e-mail us at

About NewMonics
NewMonics provides advanced Java-compatible solutions for today's most complex and robust embedded systems. At the heart of the development environment is NewMonics' revolutionary PERC virtual machine, which was architected from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of emerging embedded applications in fields such as fleet telematics, network infrastructure, storage area networks, military/aerospace, and advanced industrial automation. The PERC platform includes compilers, tools, and libraries for Intel and Power PC microprocessors running on most popular real-time operating systems.

NewMonics Professional Service Division provides expertise in commercial and consumer telematics, design and implementation of advanced applications frameworks, and specialized applications of PERC. Founded in 1996, NewMonics is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. To learn more about NewMonics, call 520-323-9011.

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