Synaptics Announces OmniPass Identity Management Software for Fingerprint TouchPad Solution

11/19/2002 - Synaptics®, a leader in touch pads and other human interface solutions for mobile computing and communications devices, announced the introduction of OmniPass application software and OmniROM Preboot Authorization for its Fingerprint TouchPad, co-developed with Softex Incorporated. This identity management software allows end users to replace keyed passwords with fingerprint authentication, and can be used to access the system at start up, log on to the Windows operating system, network, and email, enter Web sites, unlock a screen saver or access any type of secure application. The software is bundled with Synaptics’ Fingerprint TouchPad module, which combines Synaptics’ leading TouchPad interface device with the AuthenTec EntrePadTM AES3500 fingerprint sensor, allowing Synaptics to offer notebook OEMs a complete integrated biometric security solution.

“OmniPass allows even novice computer users the convenience and security of biometric authentication without having to learn complicated software,” said Francis Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synaptics. “With OmniPass, Synaptics’ integrated Fingerprint TouchPad module offers the first practical biometric solution for secure system access and password replacement.”

OmniPass boasts convenient features:

“Biometric devices offer consumers a convenient and robust method to authenticate themselves to their machines and the network," said Roger Kay, director of client computing at IDC. “You always carry your finger around with you and never lose it, and no one else can spoof that they’re you.”

About Synaptics
Synaptics develops advanced interface solutions for products as diverse as notebook and desktop computers, mobile computing and communications devices, automotive applications and security solutions. Synaptics products include: TouchPadTM, the industry standard notebook pointing device; ClearPadTM, a capacitive touch screen solution; TouchStykTM, a modular capacitive pointing stick solution; Spiral®, an inductive, proximity sensing pen input system; cPadTM, an LCD TouchPad; TouchScreen, a capacitive touch solution for large displays; and QuickStroke®, a proprietary Chinese handwriting recognition software.

About Softex
Founded in 1992, Softex Incorporated is a leading supplier of system level software for personal computers and workstations. Softex has been named as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine. Softex system software products have shipped on millions of personal computers from most of the top-tier OEM manufacturers. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Softex also provides custom system software development services to the computer industry. For more information on products and services, contact: Softex, Inc. at: 9300 Jollyville Road, Austin, TX 78759. Phone: (512) 452-8836 FAX: (512) 795-8702.

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