TI's High-Speed Amplifier Family Targets DSL and Video Applications

11/19/2002 - Texas Instruments announced the completion of an eight-member family of high-speed operational amplifiers from the company´s Burr-Brown product line that are ideal DSL line drivers, video buffers and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) input drivers. Covering a wide range of advanced system requirements, the family offers single, dual and triple channel versions in either voltage feedback (OPA690), current-feedback (OPA691) and fixed-gain video buffer (OPA692) topologies.

The OPA690 is a unity-gain stable, voltage-feedback amplifier with optional disable. It provides slew rate and full-power bandwidth previously found only in wideband current-feedback amps. Using a single +5V supply, the OPA690 can deliver a 1V to 4V output swing with over 150mA drive current and 150MHz bandwidth, which makes it an excellent RGB line driver or single supply ADC input driver. The dual OPA2690 supports high slew rate differential I/O requirements, while the triple OPA3690 enables higher order active filters in a single package.

The OPA691 sets a new level of performance for broadband, current-feedback op amps. Operating on a very low 5.1mA supply current, the OPA691 offers a slew rate (2100V/us) and output power (190mA) normally associated with a much higher supply current - an ideal choice for multi-line broadcast video interface applications. The dual OPA2691 lends itself well to the differential I/O requirements of xDSL, while the triple OPA3691 is ideal for RGB line driving where gain or frequency response shaping is desired.

The OPA692 is a broadband, fixed-gain video buffer amplifier with an optional disable feature. Using a single +5V supply, the OPA692 can deliver a 1V to 4V swing with over 120mA drive current and >200MHz bandwidth - a winning combination for RGB line driver or single-supply ADC input driver applications. The triple channel OPA3692 is the easiest to use fixed gain of 2 RGB line driver available.

Flexible supply range: single 5V to 12V supply, dual +/-2.5 to +/-6V supply
High output current: +/-190mA (+/-250mA current limit)
High slew rate: 2100V/us (OPA691)
Output voltage swing: +/-4V
dG/dP: 0.07%/0.02 degrees (OPA692)

Available Today
All eight devices are available today in all package versions. Suggested resale pricing in 1,000 piece quantities starts for the single channel versions at $1.50 (OPA690), $1.45 (OPA691) and $1.35 (OPA692).

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