OSEck Development Environment Enhanced for Robust Wireless, Radar, Sonar and Media Gateway Applications

11/19/2002 - OSE Systems, the worldwide leader of real-time operating systems and services for the DSP market, launched an enhanced development environment ideal for wireless, radar, sonar and media gateway applications. The OSEck kernel is based on the full-featured OSE message-based real-time operating system architecture designed for distributed, advanced multiprocessor, multicore heterogeneous applications. OSEck and OSE provide a simple and consistent programming and debug model independent from the system topology.

The hard real-time platform consists of OSEck, a fast, deterministic operating system suited for DSP that has been optimized for reliability, scalability, portability and a small footprint; OSE Illuminator, a comprehensive suite of software tools for application-level debugging and analysis; and Gateway, the industry's only fault-tolerant, transparent inter-processor communications system.

"The requirement for distributed, multiprocessor, multicore systems has energized new DSP product development," said Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts. "The challenge is to offer the system designer the highest level of abstraction and portability at the applications level. Through OSEck, OSE has addressed that challenge and has propelled DSP development to the next level of heterogeneous communications."

OSEck, has extended support for the Texas Instruments TMS320C64x family and now offers support for the Motorola StarCore 810x series and Analog Devices TigerSHARC. Continued support is being offered for the TMS320C54x, C55x, C62x and C67x, Agere Systems DSP 16K, STMicroelectronics ST120 and LSI Logics ZSP400.

OSEck 3.1 is based on a direct message passing architecture that provides fast asynchronous inter-processor communication. A full featured, compact, real-time kernel, OSEck is designed for the specific requirements of high performance, memory constrained applications. OSEck has an extremely small memory footprint, but still combines rich functionality with high performance and true real-time behavior. It is a fully pre-emptive kernel, optimized to provide low interrupt latency and high rates of data throughput, yet compact enough to meet the limited hard-memory requirements.

The enhanced Java-based OSE Illuminator is a comprehensive suite of software tools for application-level debugging and analysis of embedded applications. OSE Illuminator supports simultaneous debugging of several different targets, enabling full system distribution. Illuminator is composed of a number of plug-ins and third-party products that can be used in any combination depending on the system developer's specific needs. The plug-in tools include the System Browser, Evact Handler and CPU- Memory Profiler.

The improved Soft Kernel and Soft Environment provides users with exceptional support for application simulation that operates with a dynamic real-time operating system making it possible to build a complete OSE system in a host environment. Applications can be readily developed on PCs or workstations running Windows or Solaris operating systems. The OSE Soft Kernel is capable of simulating a single CPU system or a fully distributed, fault-tolerant system.

The new OSE Gateway environment facilitates Windows, Solaris, Linux and VxWorks to participate in a heterogeneous distributed system. This design incorporates the same message-passing technology used by the OSE operating system and tightly integrates multiple operating systems into an efficient and fault-tolerant distributed system. OSE Gateway incorporates a library through which a client application running on a non-OSE operating system communicates with an OSE distributed system. This library, which is provided in source code for easy customization, interfaces with the OSE Gateway daemon running on that operating system. This Gateway daemon enables the client process to behave as an OSE process to the OSE distributed system and provides the ability for that process to appear identical to those running on the OSE operating system.

Pricing & Availability
OSEck 3.1 is now available in ReadOnly and Make&Build with pricing starting at US $8,000. OSE Gateway will be available in December.

About OSE Systems
OSE Systems, Inc. is the technological leader of real-time operating systems software and services for the communications market. OSE is also used in safety-critical, high-availability, distributed and fault-tolerant applications such as avionics and industrial control. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony and Boeing. OSE is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA). Enea markets and sells services, products and training in specialized technical arenas, including real-time application development and support for embedded systems as well as IT and e-business solutions. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Enea employs approximately 700 people worldwide.

OSE is a registered trademark of OSE Systems.

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