Actel Reaffirms Commitment to Environment With Green Packaging Option

11/19/2002 - Expanding on the company's environment-conscious, lead-free packaging solutions announced earlier this year, Actel unveiled its roadmap to offer "green" packaging options for its ProASIC 500K, ProASICPLUS, eX and SX-A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) families by the end of 2002. The company also disclosed plans to deliver "green" packaging solutions for its remaining antifuse- and flash-based FPGA product families by the end of 2003. Actel defines a "green" package as one free of lead, halogenated compounds and antimony oxides. An alternative to standard, lead-based packages, the "green" packaging option demonstrates the company's continuing commitment to market innovative products that comply with global environmental initiatives aimed at the replacement of lead in the manufacturing process of electronic devices.

Japan, the first country to manufacture lead-free assemblies, requires all semiconductors manufactured in that country to have lead-free packaging. The majority of Japanese-based companies insist that vendors comply with these regulations. Environment-conscious initiatives in Europe and the U.S. are gaining momentum as well. Europe's Wastes from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive mandates the replacement of lead in electrical and electronic equipment by January 1, 2008, a deadline recently delayed by one year. While the U.S. has no pending legislation to ban lead, the Computer Hazardous Waste Infrastructure Program (CHIP), which promotes the recycling of electronic products, is currently under consideration.

"The increased use of integrated circuits, coupled with shortened product life cycles, has raised concerns about the disposal of electronic components and its impact on the environment," said Barry Marsh, vice president, product marketing at Actel. "As a result, nations worldwide are working to establish initiatives within the electronics industry to eliminate the use of lead and other alloys used in the manufacturing process that prove harmful to the environment long-term. Today, Actel is reaffirming its commitment to environmentally friendly packaging by disclosing its roadmap to deliver "green" packaging to its customers for their communications, consumer, industrial and avionics applications."

Pricing and Availability
"Green" packages for the company's ProASIC 500K, ProASICPLUS, eX and SX-A FPGA families are expected to be available by the end of 2002, with both lead-free and "green" packaging solutions for Actel's remaining product families expected by the end of 2003. Both lead-free and "green" packaging options are offered at the same competitive prices as Actel's standard products. Actel will continue to offer multiple package options for all its device families. For further information about volume pricing and availability, please contact Actel.

About Actel
solutions, including field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) based on antifuse and flash technologies, high-performance intellectual property (IP) cores, software development tools and design services targeted for the high-speed communications, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) replacement and radiation-tolerant markets. Founded in 1985, Actel employs approximately 500 people worldwide. The Company is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol ACTL and is headquartered at 955 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, Calif., 94086-4533. Telephone: 888-99-ACTEL (992-2835).

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