ERNI Introduces 10GBit-SMT Connector System in 1mm Pitch

11/18/2002 - Under the designation "MicroSpeed", ERNI introduced a new connector system with SMT termination for differential or single ended high speed interconnections. This shielded connector system with its modular design, features a 1mm pitch with two contact rows and two shield rows. The MicroSpeed connectors are designed for differential or single ended signal transmission in modern telecommunications and datacom applications with data rates up to 10 GBit/s. The application spectrum comprises fast, space-saving, board-to-board applications with a printed circuit board spacing of just 5mm, and stacking modules with nearly no loss of space. In addition, the SMT version provides a fully automatic SMT assembly and reflow soldering process.

The MicroSpeed connectors contact arrangement is designed in a grid of 1.0mm pitch within the row and a column pitch of 1.5mm. The differential ports can be arranged horizontal or vertical. The MicroSpeed features excellent crosstalk which is optimized with the vertical arrangement of the differential ports. The connector could be used for applications with differential impedance of 100 ohms or 50 ohm single ended. There are two ground contact options, depending on the application: SMT or THR termination. The ground contacts provide for safe strain relief. The connector modules are of 27mm, with 50 signal contacts, and can be connected consecutively with minimum loss of board space.

The MicroSpeed male and female connectors are tape-on-reel packaged for fully automatic SMT assembly. Further design features for fully automatic assembly include a Black high-temperature insulator for fast and reliable visual recognition and an integral pick and place surface for easy grip with a vacuum pipette.

In the design of the MicroSpeed connectors, ERNI has integrated the design features from the successful 1.27 mm SMT connector system, SMC series and the differential high speed connector system, ERmet zeroXT with 2.0mm pitch. The result is a constant impedance curve and very low crosstalk. The initial simulation results of the MicroSpeed connectors show excellent signal integrity for data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s under test conditions; FR4 printed circuit board, 200 mm PCB track length, signal rise time 35 ps.

ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH, a German member company of the international ERNI Holding Group, was established in1956. At Adelberg (near Göppingen) and in Chester, Virginia (USA), ERNI develops and produces a wide range of connectors for backplane and printed circuit board applications, which was even further expanded by the takeover of Maxconn. In the system technology sector, customer-specific printed circuit board systems and backplanes were developed, which are produced in backplane shops in Germany, USA and Korea. In the financial year 2001 ERNI achieved a turnover of more than Euro 150 million with more than 750 employees. ERNI is globally active and has its own branches in all important industrial regions. The products are also sold via a network of representatives and leading distributors such as Arrow and RS.

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