Emulex Demonstrates Industry's First 10 Gigabit/sec Fibre Channel Technology During Fall COMDEX 2002

11/18/2002 - Emulex, the world's leading supplier of storage networking host bus adapters (HBAs), announced that it is showcasing the industry's first 10 Gigabit-per-second (10Gb/s) Fibre Channel technology demonstration during Fall Comdex 2002. The demonstration features the delivery of 10Gb/s protocol compliant data streams over optical cabling utilizing Emulex ASIC, firmware, and driver technology. Emulex's demonstration was developed in conjunction with member companies from a leading 10Gb/s industry consortium, including Finisar Corporation, Marvell, Quake Technologies and Xilinx.

Ten Gb/s is the next generation technology for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage area networks (SANs), providing five times the bandwidth of today's 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs, and ten times the bandwidth of gigabit Ethernet-based iSCSI. The 10Gb/s data rate is the only Fibre Channel speed beyond 2Gb/s that is specified to support switched fabrics, which is a critical requirement for SAN deployment. The deployment of 10Gb/s host bus adapters is expected to begin in 2004, and will account for 20 percent of both iSCSI and Fibre Channel HBAs shipped in 2006, according to Gartner Dataquest1. The demand for increased SAN connectivity bandwidth is being driven by a number of factors, including the continued increases in server CPU performance, the limited availability of server bus slots, and increases in disk drive density and performance.

"In response to the persistent demand for increasing I/O bandwidth 10Gb/s SAN products will begin to emerge in the 2004 timeframe," said James Opfer, Gartner Dataquest Chief Analyst. "Early demonstrations of basic 10Gb/s enabling technologies reinforce the perception that current Fibre Channel technology will be available to meet the market demand."

Emulex has played a leadership role in the development of 10Gb/s specifications and technologies through its work with an industry consortium, the 10Gb/s Small Form-factor Pluggable (XFP) Module Group. The XFP Group is a collection of industry leaders committed to developing a common specification for 10Gb/s serial optics modules, and Emulex became a founding member of the XFP Group in March 2002. The XFP Group brings together leading system, optical module, semiconductor and connector manufacturers from both the telecommunications and the data communications markets to enable the development of cost-effective, high-volume 10Gb/s solutions.

"This demonstration is an excellent example of the kind of research and development investments Emulex is making to create next-generation SAN technologies that will be critically needed in just a few years," said Mike Smith, Emulex Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. "Our work in this area, as well as our efforts in developing standards with other industry leaders, will insure that our customers have access to world-class technologies for their data center storage needs."

Emulex's demonstration features a custom designed circuit board that utilizes a Xilinx Virtex®-II field programmable gate array (FPGA) to create an industry standard XGMII compliant parallel data interface. Physical layer devices from Marvell and Quake that translate interfaces and convert the parallel data to a 10Gb/s serial data stream are also utilized. In addition, an XFP optical module from Finisar, based on the XFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA), is used to drive a single mode fiber cable. Further, Emulex's demonstration includes instrumentation that enables monitoring of data rates, performance, and signal quality.

Robert Snively, Chair of the XFP Group, said, "All the members of the XFP group are pleased to see this demonstration of the capability of the XFP technology. The 10Gb/s XFP module will provide a new standard in cost performance for storage area network data transmission. The technology will also prove valuable in local area network (LAN) and telecommunications environments."

Ten Gb/s Fibre Channel can use the same cabling and connectors as those used with today's 2Gb/s Fibre Channel technology, enabling an evolutionary transition to this new, higher data rate. Distances of 82 meters are possible using the multi-mode cables popular in data centers today, and up to 10 kilometers using single mode cables. In addition, 10Gb/s Fibre Channel will use the LC connector that is used for 2Gb/s Fibre Channel.

"Brocade is pleased to work with industry leaders like Emulex as the industry moves towards 10Gb/s Fibre Channel," said Jay Kidd, Brocade Vice President of Product Marketing. "As the leader in SAN infrastructure, Brocade is working to advance standards and has taken a leadership role in the development of the 10Gb/s specification and chairs the XFP Group."

"As a leader in 10Gbps networking solutions, Cisco strongly believes in 10 Gbps Fibre Channel as the next evolution in SAN connectivity" said Bill Erdman, Director of Marketing within Cisco's Storage Technology Group. "Cisco has designed the MDS 9000 Family of Multilayer Directors and Fabric Switches to be 10Gbps ready, ensuring seamless migration to this next generation interface."

"As Emulex and McDATA work to ensure that information-intensive enterprises are the first to implement emerging 10Gb/s technology into their intelligent storage infrastructures, our customers will have a distinct advantage," said Peter Dougherty, vice president of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, McDATA Corp. "These customers have future-proof investments in our ultra-high availability storage networking solutions, which today are upgradeable from 2Gb/s to 10Gb/s - as well as support multiple protocols such as Fibre Channel, FICON and FCIP."

Additional Supporting Quotes
"This demonstration clearly shows that Emulex is on the leading edge of 10Gb/s technology for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs. Ten Gb/s is critical for enabling the next phase of high performance storage network applications," said Jerry Rawls, CEO of Finisar Corporation. "We are excited that Emulex chose Finisar's XFP optical transceivers to provide the fiber optic link for the industry's first 10Gb/s Fibre Channel technology demonstration."

"Marvell is committed to raise the technology bar and continues to work closely with Emulex to drive 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel solutions," said Gary Smerdon, vice president of Marketing at Marvell. "Emulex and Marvell are driving standards-based, cost-effective 10Gbit/sec physical layer SERDES technology to new levels of integration and performance."

"Emulex's 10Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN demo marks a key milestone in the establishment of 10Gbit/sec in the SAN space," said Dan Trépanier, president and CEO of Quake Technologies. "Our contribution to the demo is a single-chip 10Gbit/sec XAUI transceiver that supports Fibre Channel and is compliant with XFP modules, making it ideal for use in SANs."

"As the industry is rapidly moving towards higher-speed serial interfaces, a trend dubbed the "Serial Tsunami", Xilinx platform FPGAs are playing a key role providing flexible bridging capabilities between different interface standards," said Dave DeMarinis, director of Design Services at Xilinx. "This design is a good example of the Emulex and Xilinx Design Services teams leveraging the flexibility and high performance capability of the Virtex®-II Platform FPGA to implement a Fibre Channel bridge for communicating between the different vendors' ASSPs at 10Gb/s."

Emulex's 10Gb/s demonstration is being made available to OEM customers, press/analysts, and strategic partners.

The Emulex Family of Host Bus Adapters
The Emulex family of HBAs offers high performance, standards-based connectivity solutions for both Fibre Channel and Internet protocol (IP) storage networking environments. Emulex host bus adapters provide a unique combination of features required for mission-critical enterprise environments that deliver reliability, high bandwidth, server CPU offload, low latency and scalable connectivity. Emulex HBAs also offer a unique driver architecture that enables compatibility of a single operating system driver across Emulex's entire product line and a firmware-based architecture. These features help to lower the customer's total cost of ownership and reduce management complexity, while enabling a seamless migration path to next generation technologies.

For information about how Emulex HBAs increase SAN productivity and efficiency, visit the Emulex website and download the IDC whitepaper titled, Measuring the HBA's Role in SAN Management. Additional information about the role Emulex HBAs play in simplifying SAN management is available by downloading Emulex's whitepaper titled, HBAnywareTM - A Centralized HBA Management Suite. Emulex's HBAnyware whitepaper describes the benefits of its driver-based technology that enables complete management of Emulex HBAs, including the ability to upgrade firmware anywhere in a Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN from a single console.

Emulex LightPulse family of Fibre Channel HBAs offers full fabric support, high data integrity, full-duplex operation, data buffering for up to 100km of cabling and support for all Fibre Channel topologies. The Emulex LightPulse family of Fibre Channel products includes the 2Gb/s LP9802 and LP982 PCI-X HBAs, the LP9002L and LP952L PCI HBAs, the LP9002C CompactPCI HBA, the LP9002S SBus-based HBA and the market-leading LP8000.

The Emulex family of IP-based storage networking host bus adapters includes the GN9000/SI iSCSI host bus adapter and the GN9000/VI VI/IP host bus adapter. The Emulex GN9000/SI is designed to provide the high performance iSCSI connectivity over gigabit Ethernet for PCI-based systems. The Emulex GN9000/VI VI/IP HBA enables network attached storage (NAS) appliances and hosts to exchange file system data over IP networks, while gaining the high throughput, low latency and reduced CPU overhead benefits of the virtual interface (VI) architecture.

About the XFP Module Group
Founded in March 2002, the 10-Gigabit Small Form-factor Pluggable (XFP) Module Group is an industry association dedicated to technology and standards development for ultra-small form factor, 10Gb/s communications modules for the telecommunications and data communications market segments. The XFP group has over 65 members. The founding members of XFP include: Broadcom Corporation, Brocade Communications, Ciena, Emulex Corporation, Finisar Corporation, JDS Uniphase, Maxim Integrated Products, Innovation Core SEI (a Sumitomo Electric company), Tyco Electronics and Velio Communications.

About Emulex Emulex Corporation is a leading supplier and developer of storage networking host bus adapters based on both Fibre Channel and IP networking technologies. The Emulex product families are based on internally developed ASIC, firmware and software technologies, and offer customers high performance, scalability, flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership. The company's products have been selected by the world's leading server and storage providers, including Dell, EMC, Fujitsu Siemens, Groupe Bull, Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, NEC, Network Appliance and Unisys. In addition, Emulex includes industry leaders Brocade, INRANGE, Intel, Legato, McDATA, Microsoft and VERITAS among its partners.

Emulex markets to OEMs and end users through its own worldwide selling organization, as well as its two-tier distribution partners, including ACAL, Avnet, Bell Microproducts, Info-X, Netmarks, Tech Data, TidalWire and Tokyo Electron. Corporate headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, California.

1 Gartner Dataquest, "Storage Network Infrastructure 2002: Market Share and Forecast", J. Opfer, June 25, 2002

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