Embedded BIOS 2000 Version 5.1 Released to Worldwide Manufacturers of Embedded Devices

11/18/2002 - General Software, the leading developer of x86 embedded firmware, has released a new version of its Embedded BIOSTM 2000 Adaptation Kit to manufacturers of embedded devices. Embedded BIOS 2000 Version 5.1 builds on the company’s extensive embedded technology and advances its core functionality and features. It includes new support for industry standards, exclusive feature improvements, and product updates. This version’s versatile, project-based architecture remains the same as previous versions, with all new features added in a modular and open manner.

General Software has enhanced its support for the following industry initiatives -- SMM, network boot, multiprocessor systems including Hyperthreading technology from Intel, PCI bus and cardbus, huge memory management with up to 36-bit addressing, and disk management for the latest ATA modes. New Embedded BIOS 2000 features include SMBus support, an integrated HTML browser, and board registration system.

"Embedded BIOS 2000 version 5.1 provides the key elements that high-end embedded equipment needs," explained Steve Jones, Founder and CTO of General Software, Inc. "These new high-powered features make it possible to leverage the new wave of server chipsets with advanced I/O architectures. Only with this level of I/O bandwidth is it possible to build today’s high-end data switches and servers. Embedded OEMs can continue to look to General Software for advanced technology when they need it."

Standard Embedded BIOS features include burn-in diagnostics, a built-in debugger, remote access disk and Flash updating, on-target BIOS re-flashing, headless and remote console operation, solid-state disk emulators, and optional multimedia (graphical and/or audio) POST. Other features provide OEM-configurable POST, dynamic OEM-written policy at the board design level, memory management, chipset, Super I/O, and CPU configuration, and a comprehensive setup screen system.

With Embedded BIOS 2000, OEMs are able to boot all industry-standard operating systems on any embedded hardware that is capable of supporting those operating systems.

Embedded BIOS 2000 offers the most comprehensive, on-target features for x86 embedded systems of all available BIOS and firmware products. The modular design of the Embedded BIOS Adaptation Kit allows an OEM to support multiple, on-going BIOS adaptations while leveraging an extensive library of CPU, chipset, and board-specific features.

Embedded BIOS 2000 supports the entire lifecycle of an embedded product, from board bring-up, configuration prototyping, testing with system diagnostics, and product manufacturing to in-field diagnostics and software reload. Embedded BIOS also serves as the HAL for General Software’s Firmbase®, an object-oriented operating environment that uses patented technology to run 32-bit applications concurrently with the foreground operating system.

About General Software
General Software provides superior enabling firmware and world-class support for OEM manufacturers of telecommunications, data communications, consumer electronics, dedicated servers, and other specialized computing devices. General Software’s well-architected and reliable firmware products reduce risk, speed development, and address embedded OEM product lifecycle needs. For more information about General Software and its embedded firmware, e-mail product_info@gensw.com, or contact Leslie O’Brien at 800-850-5755 or 425-576-8300.

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