Venturcom Announces the Release of BXP Version 2.5

11/15/2002 - Venturcom announced the release of BXP 2.5, a successor to its remote centralized client management software for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000, XP, and XPe. Version 2.5 provides a more robust and higher performance solution for diskless client management.

BXP 2.5 features dramatic improvement in overall performance, which users will experience in measurably faster boot times and increased system responsiveness. Users will also find enhanced client survivability - if a BXP server goes offline clients can stay online until the server becomes available, thereby eliminating the need to reboot all clients. Also, new in version 2.5 is "BXP-Flex," functionality that allows clients to boot from up to four virtual disks on the server. With BXP-Flex, clients can be redirected to other virtual disks if one virtual disk becomes unavailable, rather than having to wait until the original comes back online. BXP-Flex also provides dual-boot functionality from the client.

BXP is a software-only solution that turns a Windows 2000, XP, or XPe client into a secure, diskless node that harnesses the local processing power and peripheral devices of the PC while lowering the cost of ownership and maintenance. The benefits for network administrators, system architects, and end users include: equipment and systems can operate without local persistent storage devices (i.e., hard disk, RAM, bootable CD, or flash storage), security is enhanced, system reliability is improved, workstations can be rapidly reconfigured and deployed of workstations, and hardware and management costs can be reduced. Implementations that can benefit from BXP technology include e-classrooms, managed offices, kiosks, secure workstations, call centers, and large enterprises.

"We are excited to offer BXP 2.5 to the marketplace. As network-centric computing grows, BXP continues to meet the need for easily and effectively managed client workstations with increased performance and reliability." said Stephen Woodard, Senior Vice President, Venturcom, Inc.

About Venturcom
Venturcom provides tools, operating platforms, training and services to designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom design tools and products leverage Windows Operating Systems and development platforms to provide a robust, solutions oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation and network infrastructure markets.

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