StarFabric Trade Association Announces Board of Directors

11/15/2002 - The StarFabric Trade Association, a non-profit, open membership industry group created to develop and promote the StarFabric switched interconnect technology, announced the members of its board of directors.

The following were named to the board of directors:

The members represent a wide range of organizations, which together provide the broad and diverse perspective required to ensure StarFabric will continue to meet the dynamic market requirements of next generation embedded and communication equipment.

In addition to naming the board of directors, the StarFabric Trade Association elected executive officers at the recent board meeting. The officers elected were:

The mission of the Trade Association is to own and manage the StarFabric Architecture, provide support for insuring interoperability, and promote the adoption of the StarFabric Architecture. Members of the Trade Association are able to create interoperable switches, bridges, and other components to leverage existing StarFabric components and address new applications and markets.

"We're delighted with the strength and diversity of the board of directors," said Tim Miller, president of the Association. "The breath of representation is a great asset and will ensure the widest possible adoption of StarFabric."

The Trade Association will guide enhancements of the StarFabric Architecture and the migration to PCI-Express™ Advanced Switching in the future and will ensure equal and unencumbered access to all interested companies.

About The StarFabric Trade Association
The StarFabric Trade Association is a Massachusetts-based non-profit corporation. It is an open membership organization, with representatives from all aspects of the embedded and communication markets including semiconductor, software, board, platform, and end-system vendors. It owns and is solely responsible for maintaining and enhancing the StarFabric Architecture. The organization actively promotes StarFabric as an ideal switched interconnect technology for a wide range of embedded distributed processing applications.

The StarFabric Trade Association owns the StarFabric Architecture and is responsible for all future enhancements.

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