TI's Aureus Audio DSP Enables Manufacturers to Add DTS 96/24 With 70% of Performance Left For Enhanced Features and Differentiation

11/14/2002 - Texas Instruments (TI) announced that its DTS 96/24 solution offers not only the certified decoder, but a complete software system including auto-detection, Input/Output (I/O) and stream management - while only using 30-40% of TIīs Aureus[TM] DSP. Manufacturers can utilize the additional performance to differentiate their products by adding post-processing features, such as dual digital zones, speaker virtualization and automatic room correction.

"DTS 96/24 enables the ultimate in entertainment for consumers and opens up a number of new options for DVD-based high resolution audio," said Kazuyuki Neida, Director, AV & IC Licensing at DTS. "We are very excited about such an efficient implementation of the DTS 96/24 standard. We believe the extra performance that TI's optimized solution offers will enable OEMs to deliver this technology across a variety of next-generation products."

DTS 96/24 is the only system that:

"When you deliver a complete DTS 96/24 system solution with 60-70% of the performance still available for customer differentiation, cool things are going to happen," said Curt Moore, WW business manager of TI's Performance Audio Group. "OEMs can not only offer additional differentiated features on their high end systems, but they can also start migrating these features to the low cost, high volume market segments."

TIīs TMS320DA610 is a 32/64-bit floating point DSP optimized for home audio receivers. Using the DA610 DSPīs audio software framework, customers can quickly differentiate their product through the use of eXpressDSPTM Software and Development tools, which includes the easy-to-use Code Composer StudioTM Integrated Development Environment. At 225 mega hertz (MHz), the DA610 offers the highest performance available in the audio industry with 1800 million instructions per second (MIPS) or 1200 million floating-point operations per second (MFLOPS). With it, manufacturers will be able to provide consumers with a full suite of high-quality surround sound content and still have headroom to add additional effects processing and other enhancements.

Until now, these enhancements have only been available on high-end audio receivers. They can include: dual digital zone, which allows you to play a DVD in one room and another audio source in a different room through the same receiver; virtualization, which lets you position speakers anywhere in a room while still achieving true surround sound; automatic room correction, which automatically adjusts speakers to maximize the audio presentation despite the limitations due to room size or speaker placement; access to additional formats, which gives manufacturers unlimited opportunity to differentiate their products; and more channels for higher sampling frequencies for a more life-like listening experience.

The Aureus platform is based on the proven silicon and tools of the code-compatible TMS320C6000TM DSP platform, the worldīs highest performing DSP. The DA610 DSPīs audio software framework is accessible through TIīs easy-to-use Code Composer Studio Development Tools.

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