CATC Announces USBMobile Portable USB 2.0 Classic Protocol Analyzer

11/12/2002 - Computer Access Technology Corporation ("CATC"), a communications protocol expert company and a leading provider of advanced verification systems and connectivity products for digital communications standards, announced the introduction of the USBMobileTM Protocol Analyzer, the latest member in its popular family of USB development and test tools. The industry's first full-featured USB protocol analyzer in PC card format, the USBMobile Protocol Analyzer offers engineers a portable, low-cost solution for accurately and efficiently debugging, testing and verifying Full and Low (Classic) speed USB semiconductors, devices, software and systems. Utilizing a compact PC card format, the USBMobile Protocol Analyzer enables users to perform analysis tasks virtually anywhere — extending beyond the lab environment to personal workstations.

The USBMobile Protocol Analyzer is a non-intrusive design verification system that accurately and reliably captures, displays and analyzes USB protocol traffic. It utilizes the proprietary, well-known, CATC TraceTM data display to show protocol traffic in a color-coded, easy-to-understand fashion. Native On-The-Go (OTG) support automatically detects, decodes, and displays the HNP and SRP protocols, including VBus pulsing. The industry-standard PC card design provides broad hardware compatibility and gives developers, technical support, and sales personnel a powerful and highly portable test solution that can be utilized virtually anywhere.

"The USBMobile Protocol Analyzer takes USB development tools solutions to yet another level to support ever-increasing widespread development of USB products," said Jason Ziller, Intel technology initiatives manager and USB Implementers Forum chairman. "The USBMobile Protocol Analyzer is truly portable, fitting any notebook PC without compromising performance, accuracy, and reliability we've come to expect from CATC analyzers."

"Customers expressed a need for greater flexibility and portability while doing USB development work outside the lab and troubleshooting products in the field," reports Mark Abbas, USB product manager for CATC. "Every engineer on the design team — hardware, software and firmware — will appreciate the value and benefit of having a personal analyzer to meet their individual needs."

Since introducing the CATC USB DetectiveTM bus/protocol analyzer in February of 1996, CATC has been a market leader in supplying advanced tools to accelerate the development of USB components and devices. The CATC USB product suite currently includes a broad range of USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 protocol analyzers and traffic generators, USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 production testers and USB to Ethernet adapters.

CATC is now accepting orders for the USBMobile 2.0 Classic Protocol Analyzer, for shipments starting November 19, 2002. Volume and bundled pricing options are available. For further information, please contact CATC or its worldwide network of distribution partners.

About CATC
CATC, a communication protocol expert company, provides advanced verification systems and connectivity products for existing and emerging digital communications standards such as USB, IEEE 1394, Bluetooth wireless technology, InfiniBand, Serial ATA, SCSI and Ethernet. CATC products are used by semiconductor, device, system and software companies at each phase of their products' lifecycles from development through production and market deployment. CATC verification systems consist of development and production products that accurately monitor communications traffic and diagnose operational problems to ensure standards compliance and interoperability as well as assist system manufacturers to download software onto new computers. CATC connectivity products enable reliable, uninterrupted service for broadband Internet access. CATC was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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