Atmel Launches Highly Functional RF Remote Control Receivers for the 868-MHz and 915-MHz Frequency Bands

11/12/2002 - Atmel® announced the availability of 2 new RF data control receivers, the T5760 for the European 868-MHz frequency band and the T5761 for the 915-MHz in the US. These new receivers, dedicated to remote control applications, are the only available products with such a combination of various functions. They complete Atmel's RF Remote Control receiver IC portfolio which now covers all carrier frequencies from 300 MHz up to 928 MHz.

The new 868-MHz band in Europe is used mainly for industrial and consumer applications, and more and more for automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems. In the US industrial and consumer market, most applications use frequencies in the range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz.

The T5760 and the T5761 are highly integrated multi-chip PLL (Phase-locked Loop) receiver devices, VCO and PLL loop filter are on-chip. The devices provide Manchester and Bi-phase coding, and can be used for both Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) and Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) systems. The new receivers are fully compatible with Atmel's range of PLL RF transmitters.

Similar to Atmel's recently introduced receiver IC T5743N for 300 MHz to 450 MHz, the T5760's and the T5761's current consumption is extremely low due to their programmable self-polling and timeframe check function. Image rejection is 30 db. Furthermore, the new receivers provide several functions, such as a data clock signal for easy decoding and an IC-condition indicator (sleep or active) for controlling the preamplifier, that improve the end product's usability.

Torsten Mann, Marketing Director for Automotive products at Atmel explained: "After introducing earlier this year the highly sophisticated low-power receiver IC T5743N, we are now proud to announce two more family members that cover the European 868 and the US 915-MHz band. Unrivaled up to now, the current consumption is less than 1 mA not only for the receiver ICs but even for the overall system including the microcontroller. This is really an outstanding benefit for battery-powered mobile applications, leading to dramatic operating time extension."

Samples of the RF data control receivers T5760 and T5761 in SO20 package are available now. Pricing starts at 1.98 US$ (10 k).

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