NSIcom Releases Version 3.21 of CrEme

11/11/2002 - NSIcom announced that Version 3.21 of CrEme has been released. CrEme V3.21 is a bug release version, and improves on the rich features of CrEme V3.2.

CrEme is NSIcom's Java Virtual Machine especially built for Windows CE. CrEme V3.21 is based on Sun's Personal Java 3.1 code (with added NSIcom's patented technologies), and is fully compatible with pJava 3.1 MAX configuration. CrEme V3.21 has passed TCK on several Windows CE devices.

Readily available for a free 30 days evaluation period, and for sale are kits for Windows CE.net, Windows CE V3.0 H/PC, PocketPC, and PocketPC 2002 for the X86, StrongArm, MIPS, SH3 CPUs. Other kits can be built on request.

Internet Explorer 4 plugin
Within the CrEme V3.21 kits built for the Hand-Held (HPC) CE devices the Internet Explorer 4 plugin is included. Once registered the plugin allows users to run Java applet from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.

Pocket Internet Explorer plugin
Within the CrEme V3.21 kits built for PocketPC, and PocketPC 2002 devices the Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) plugin is included. Once registered, the plugin allows users to run Java applet from Pocket Internet Explorer.

CrEme V3.21 features
NSIcom has added a number of new features to its CrEme JVM, in addition to Sun's pJava V3.1 code CrEme is based on. The following additions were made in the Core VM, Truffle AWT, and Network areas.

CrEme V3.21 supports all the pJava V3.1 optional packages including:

In addition the following packages are supported by CrEme V3.21:

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