NextNine Releases NextNine Support Version 2

11/11/2002 - NextNine, an innovative provider of software for automated remote support of network and system devices, announced the immediate availability of NextNine Support Version 2, its second generation technical service platform. Building on the experience gained in early use at major telecom and datacom firms worldwide, NextNine Support Version 2 significantly expands the proactive support capabilities of its users and dramatically simplifies the automation and management of service processes. Service organizations can now roll out a variety of advanced support services to help their customers avoid problems, cut mean time to repair (MTTR) and open new revenue opportunities.

As equipment markets mature, conventional service organizations are evolving from cost-centers into important new revenue centers. NextNine Support Version 2 represents a leap forward, empowering these service organizations to automate manual service processes and run them remotely at their customer sites. These service processes are capable of performing dynamic tasks based on observed, multiple-element data, which can include proactive troubleshooting, scanning for known problems, ensuring process compliance, assessing potential configuration and inventory issues, running preventive maintenance routines, and performing network audits. Automated routines act as a "Virtual Support Engineer," automating and standardizing the complex tasks currently performed by support representatives at technical assistance centers (TACs), whose product expertise is often thinly spread across a vast customer base.

Vendors, channel partners, managed service providers, and integrators can leverage NextNine Support Version 2 to deploy premium services that differentiate their offerings and generate new revenue streams. In addition, vendors and channel partners can leverage NextNine Support Version 2 to dramatically cut MTTR by ensuring all relevant current and historical data is instantly available, parsed and even pre-analyzed when troubleshooting begins.

Saved Downtime, Tens of Thousands of Dollars
New services being implemented with NextNine Support Version 2 have already made an impact in the field. A large carrier-class equipment vendor in the initial deployment stage of a new proactive support service has already seen substantial benefits. One of this firm’s carrier customers had upgraded software on their network, but did not properly remove all older components. The firm’s NextNine Support-powered service proactively detected escalations in storage utilization as well as several configuration issues at the carrier’s site without breaching the carrier’s security and without burdening their network management team. The service enabled them to quickly isolate the problem in a complex environment and resolve it. If undetected, these problems could have resulted in as much as two hours of downtime, and cost the carrier tens of thousands of dollars.

What’s New in Version 2
NextNine Support Version 2 includes a robust set of new features that automate proactive and preventive service routines, as well as a greater number of conventional reactive support processes, all in a far more scalable manner. The additional features include:

  • New automated reporting features, triggered by events, so that reports are automatically created as defined by the collection profile, daily report requirements, or analysis rules and presented in the support rep’s preferred view.
  • Complex analysis types, so that support reps have more ways to access and understand complex data. Expanded abilities to group data by categories, parse, define by stored procedures, or perform instant analyses before inserting into spreadsheets.
  • Expanded protocol support. Version 2 greatly expands the system’s ability to collect, parse and analyze data using FTP, Telnet, Syslog, SNMP, and TL1 protocols.
  • Higher solution scalability. Knowledgebase can support more users, devices, software versions, and other parameters.
  • Lets Channel Partners Offer Effective Tier 1 Support
    "Version 2 of NextNine Support opens the door to a whole new range of value-added services and more efficient support operations that just weren’t possible before," said TC Browne, president and CEO of NextNine. "In addition, our infrastructure uniquely allows the channel partners of equipment vendors to offer value-added premium services and more effective Tier 1 support capabilities because it gives them access to equipment data formerly accessible only to the vendor. Based on NextNine’s software, our customers can leverage their product knowledge and internal support processes to achieve a tighter relationship with their customers, while achieving a positive return on their investment in a matter of months."

    "As the Internet matures, NextNine Support Version 2 is an important milestone in enabling the ‘industrial-strength’ infrastructure which business and government users demand," Browne said. Availability and Pricing Sold directly by NextNine, NextNine Support Version 2 is available now and is priced based on network configuration. For more information on NextNine Support Version 2, please contact NextNine Sales at (617) 547-2560.

    About NextNine
    NextNine, Inc. develops solutions that enable the world’s leading network equipment vendors, managed service providers and integrators to create the next generation of advanced services. NextNine Support is the industry's first distributed product service platform for network devices in IP, wireless, and wireline networks. It enables service delivery organizations to automate dynamic manual processes, monitor complex systems and deliver higher availability across distributed networks. Automating these processes enables service organizations to rapidly and inexpensively deploy advanced services that avoid problems, cut MTTR, reduce manual processes and transform the service organization from a cost center into a strategic revenue source. Founded in 1998 and privately held, NextNine is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and maintains a development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company is backed by industry-leading venture capital firms including Redwood Venture Partners, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Private Equity, Yozma Venture Capital Group and Ofer Technologies Group.

    NextNine is a trademark of NextNine, Ltd.

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