Industry Partnership Program Promoting Serial FPDP Technology Introduced

11/11/2002 - Systran, developer of high-bandwidth Serial FPDP data communications products, announced the introduction of a new Serial FPDP Partner Program, an informal cooperative marketing program designed to increase awareness of and promote the adoption of the emerging Serial FPDP standard (ANSI/VITA 17.1). Any company that produces Serial FPDP-compliant products or performs integration services for systems incorporating Serial FPDP technology may participate.

Information on the Serial FPDP standard and the companies and their products utilizing the technology can be found on a new online resource located at The website will also provide a comprehensive white paper, along with an online presentation of the technology. Additionally, this same Serial FPDP Technology presentation will be given at select Real-Time Computer Shows throughout the country.

"We are excited about the market acceptance of Serial FPDP Technology and believe that introducing our Serial FPDP partnership program will enhance the ability of participating companies to reach this growing market," said Ron Taulton, Product Manager at Systran Corporation. Tom Bohman, Vice President of Business Development for VMETRO, a charter Serial FPDP Partner Program member company, added, "Through the use of this dedicated informational web site, prospective customers have a single source for up to date information on the latest products and services that use this technology."

The Serial FPDP standard defines "Serial FPDP", a high-speed low-latency serial communications protocol for use in high-speed data transfer applications, typically using a fiber optic link. As the name implies, it is directly related to Standard Front Panel Data Port (FPDP), deriving its serial protocol from the defined protocol and control signals of FPDP. Serial FPDP supports two link speeds, a low link speed of 1.0625 Gbps and a high link speed of 2.5 Gbps. and can support data transfer rates in excess of 105 MBps and 245 MBps respectively. Serial FPDP extends the maximum distance of FPDP connections up to 10 kilometers by serializing the FPDP data stream and transmitting it over extended distance using copper or fiber optic cable.

Located at 4126 Linden Avenue, Dayton, OH 45432-3068 USA, Systran Corporation specializes in Serial FPDP, shared memory networking, Fibre Channel networking, MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, low-latency digital switches and Mezzanine-based I/O products. Systran offers technologically advanced computer data communications products to support our corporate and military clients worldwide.

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