ERNI Unveils New ERmet AB Modules and Colour Coding Keys for PICMG 2.16 Packet Switching Backplanes

11/11/2002 - ERNI introduced various new ERmet 2.0 mm HM AB connector modules to support the requirements of the PICMG 2.16 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane (CompactPCI/PSB) specification. The PICMG 2.16 specification describes a standardized way to implement an Ethernet Switch Fabric in a standard backplane using standard backplane connector pinouts. The CompactPCI/PSB specifies the shielded, 2mm-pitch, 5-row HM connectors at the P3/J3 location of Node slots and P3/J3 and P5/J5 as location of Fabric slots as defined by IEC 61076-4-1001.

Key elements of PICMG 2.16 include point-to-point connections across the backplane, standard Ethernet and a Switch Fabric architecture. The active switching devices are located on the Fabric boards. The other boards that connect to the Fabric boards are called Node boards. PICMG 2.16 specifies AB connector modules on the front and rear side of the Fabric (P3/J3 and P5/J5) and Node Slots (P3/J3). ERNI now offers AB shrouds with 19 positions, female AB connectors (shielded) with 19 positions and male AB versions with 19 positions and 16mm feed-thru-tails according to PICMG 2.16.

All boards and slots claiming compliance with PICMG 2.16 should also fulfill the related keying requirements. The Standard Fabric keying uses the P4/J4 connector with a Blue/Lilac (RAL 4005) key in the connector cavity and the Extended Fabric keying uses the P5/J5 connector and a Ocher Yellow (RAL 1024) key. ERNI provides the according keying for Standard and Extended Fabric.

ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH, a German member company of the international ERNI Holding Group, was established in1956. At Adelberg (near Göppingen) and in Chester, Virginia (USA), ERNI develops and produces a wide range of connectors for backplane and printed circuit board applications, which was even further expanded by the takeover of Maxconn. In the system technology sector, customer-specific printed circuit board systems and backplanes were developed, which are produced in backplane shops in Germany, USA and Korea. In the financial year 2001 ERNI achieved a turnover of more than Euro 150 million with more than 750 employees. ERNI is globally active and has its own branches in all important industrial regions. The products are also sold via a network of representatives and leading distributors such as Arrow and RS.

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