Xilinx and AMCC Collaborate to Deliver Reference Platform, Accelerating the Deployment of 10 GBPS NPU-Based Systems

11/8/2002 - Xilinx and AMCC announced the AMCC reference platform, the product of a successful collaborative effort between two industry leaders. Providing full-duplex 10 Gbps bandwidth, proven interoperability and multi-protocol flexibility, the reference platform will help accelerate the development of high-performance routers and multi-service switches utilizing AMCC's fully programmable 10 Gbps network processing technology.

The new reference platform was designed with flexibility in mind to empower systems designers with a heterogeneous set of interfaces for multi-protocol support. The platform can also significantly reduce time-to-market by facilitating the addition of new 10 Gbps linecards to existing systems with various backplane designs.

"Our collaboration with Xilinx provides our customers with the flexibility to mix-and-match devices that will be optimal for their specific application and system design, while still delivering wire-speed system performance," said Keith Morris, director of marketing for AMCC's Switching and Network Processing Division. "This reference platform is yet another example of AMCC's commitment to support and embrace open standards, reducing the overall time-to-revenue for our customers."

AMCC has recently joined the Xilinx Reference Design Alliance Program, and plans to continue collaborating with Xilinx to expand the reference solutions based on this platform, in an effort to further assist customers with overall system design.

"Xilinx has been working closely with AMCC to deliver hardware interoperability for today's leading network protocols," said Jerry Banks, director of Partnerships and Alliances at Xilinx. "AMCC's network processor interfacing to the Xilinx Virtex-IITM FPGAs ensures telecommunications designers the ease of leveraging the benefits of leading-edge technology from these industry leaders."

As a principal member of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and Network Processing Forum (NPF), Xilinx has worked to define future standards and ensure interoperable FPGA interfaces. Likewise, as a driving member in the OIF and NPF, AMCC has made significant technical contributions in defining future standards. First to market with a complete 10 Gbps network processing platform, AMCC will continue to develop standards-based interfaces for its traffic managers, switch fabrics and family of software-compatible network processors.

A ViXTM v3 to SPI4 bridge, the first solution for this reference design platform, is currently available from AMCC.

Complementing this solution, Xilinx offers the POS-PHY Level 3 core for use in the Virtex-II FPGA for this bridge solution. In addition to the POS-PHY Level 3 core, designers have a number of Virtex-II device densities available to them for greater design flexibility.

Xilinx Reference Design Alliance Program
The Xilinx Reference Design Alliance Program builds partnerships with industry leading semiconductor and design companies to develop reference designs for accelerating our customer's product and system time-to-market. All reference design boards incorporate Xilinx devices and IP and are interoperable at the system level with other general and specialized semiconductor devices. The reference design boards are ideal for a wide variety of digital electronic systems, including networking, communications, video imaging, DSP, and emerging market applications.

About AMCC
AMCC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon solutions empowering intelligent wide-area networks. AMCC utilizes a combination of digital, mixed-signal and high-frequency analog design expertise coupled with system-level knowledge and multiple silicon process technologies to offer integrated circuit products that enable the transport of voice and data over fiber optic networks. The company's system solution portfolio includes switch fabric, traffic management, network processor, framer/mapper, PHY and PMD devices that address the high-performance needs of the evolving intelligent optical network. AMCC's corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX - news) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions.

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