TI Ships New TMS320C6411 DSP Offering Industry's Most MMACS Per Dollar and Per Watt

11/7/2002 - Providing the performance that today´s embedded designers need to stay ahead of competition, Texas Instruments announced sample availability of the TMS320C6411 DSP that offers the industry’s most millions of multiply accumulates (MMACS) per dollar and per Watt. TI also announced volume production of the TMS320C6414, TMS320C6415 and TMS320C6416 DSPs, the industry’s highest performing, programmable DSPs.

By delivering the high-performing, code-compatible TMS320C64x generation of DSPs, TI is enabling customers to start their next generation designs today with a range of performance, power and cost optimized devices for applications such as residential media servers, surveillance, security, media gateways, broadband, wireless infrastructure and advanced imaging.

"TI is committed to developing and delivering the highest-performing DSPs while also focusing on lowering our customers´ development costs," said Yvonne Cager, TMS320C6000TM platform marketing manager, TI. "We´re enabling our customers to deliver the best performing products with faster time to market."

Ideal solution for power and price sensitive embedded applications
With the new C6411 DSP, TI is expanding the reach of the C64xTM DSP generation, addressing the lower-power, lower-cost performance-efficient application spaces. With a 250 milli-Watt (mW),1.0V core, the C6411 DSP is the lowest power C64x DSP on the market, while still delivering 300 Mega Hertz (MHz)/ 2400 MIPs/1200 MMACS of performance. It is also the lowest cost C64x DSP, with planned production pricing of $39/unit in 10K-unit quantities.

The feature set of the C6411 DSP is ideal for programmable, networked security appliances such as iris scanners. The device is code-compatible with all 20 DSPs in the C6000 DSP platform, giving designers confidence in a proven technology that has successfully driven thousands of products.

Highest-performing programmable DSPs for wireless, broadband and imaging
Since their introduction, the C6414, C6415 and C6416 have gained broad market acceptance. The C6416 DSP allows wireless infrastructure developers to meet the demanding challenges of third-generation services by providing two high-performance embedded coprocessors, significantly speeding up voice and data channel-decoding operations on-chip. A single 600-MHz C6416 DSP can process up to 350 voice channels at 12.2 kb/s and 35 data channels at data rates up to 384 kb/s respectively.

"The recent addition of TI´s C64x technology to our product offerings will allow us to further advance our development of high performance, scalable multiprocessing solutions," said Sean Howe, VP, marketing and general manager, wireless systems, Spectrum Signal Processing. "In particular, by leveraging the C6416 which is geared to wireless infrastructure solutions, we are building real world solutions that help designers speed time to market and reduce risk."

The C6415 DSP provides developers of media gateways and advanced imaging applications with the performance and interfaces required to handle multi-channel MPEG-4 video. The C6415 DSP can perform one channel of MPEG-4 video encoding, one channel of MPEG-4 video decoding, and one channel of MPEG-2 video decoding, and still have 50 percent headroom remaining for multi-channel voice and data coding.

The C6414 DSP offers cost-effective solutions with up to 600 MHz of performance. Designed for systems that require a general purpose, programmable DSP, the C6414 DSP´s 64-channel enhanced direct memory access (EDMA) controller delivers unmatched I/O efficiency that manages data transfer from system memory at gigabytes per second.

The C6414 pricing begins at $89, the C6415 at $98 and the C6416 at $108 in 10k-unit quantities. These C64x devices are pin compatible, packaged in 532-lead BGA packages and are available today.

Comprehensive support and tools to enable rapid development
The C64x generation goes beyond a core and peripheral set to bring the maximum level of performance. The new chips are supported by TI´s eXpressDSPTM Software and Development Tools, including Code Composer StudioTM (CCStudio), a suite of development tools that includes the industry-leading C-compiler.

The blend of CPU, system architecture and C compiler tools simultaneously maintains full system performance and reduced development time. Developers can also take advantage of the target software components offered from TI including the highly-optimized and scaleable DSP/BIOS real-time kernel, DSP function libraries, more than 600 third-party algorithms and eXpressDSPTM Reference Frameworks which allow developers to eliminate much of the initial low-level design decisions.

In addition, TI offers the most extensive and differentiated collection of global DSP development support in the industry. A worldwide third-party network of independent companies and consultants are available to provide customers with a broad range of application software, development hardware and software and consulting services. For more information on the TI third party program, please visit www.dspvillage.ti.com/v5

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