Secure Flash ROM Microcontrollers/AVR based-Atmel Receives an EAL4 Certificate for the First Secure Microcontroller of its New SecureAVR Family

11/7/2002 - Atmel® announced it has received a Common Criteria security certificate EAL4 Augmented AVA-VLA .4 for its AT90SC19264RC secureAVRTM RISC microcontroller. This vulnerability assessment (AVA-VLA.4) corresponds to today's highest proven resistance against any security attack.

The AT90SC19264RC is based on the new SecureAVR RISC architecture. It features, an outstanding 16-bit CPU performance, 192 Kbytes of ROM, 64 Kbytes of EEPROM, 6 Kbytes of RAM and a host of security mechanisms including firewalls and two cryptographic co-processors: one for the asymmetric algorithms (RSA, DSA, Elliptic Curves) and one for the DES/TripleDES. More than a single product, the whole architecture has been certified against the most demanding security rules. The AT90SC19264RC is the first of the new AVR high security family that will very soon offer a set of products ranging from 2 Kbytes up to 128 Kbytes of EEPROM. Those products will benefit from this security expertise to address the most secure applications including e-government, electronic finance, e-commerce and m-commerce transactions.

Lucien Brau, Atmel's Smart Card ICs Division Director said, "We are extremely proud to offer very high performance products providing the best in terms of security. This Common Criteria EAL 4 Augmented certificate is not the first one we have been awarded, however we had to increase our expertise in security to meet the new market standards. Atmel's investment towards an answer to the growing demands for security from its clients denotes a long-term commitment to the smart card market."

RSA — Rivest Shamir Adelman
DES — Data Encryption Standard
TDES — Triple Data Encryption Standard

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