Atmel Adds More Functionality to its 32K Smart Card AVR RISC Flash Microcontroller

11/6/2002 - Atmel® announced the availability of its new 32K Smart Card Flash Microcontroller, the AT90SC3232CS, incorporating Atmel's latest high security architecture. This architecture, announced earlier this year, uses the secureAVRTM RISC microcontroller providing an outstanding 16-bit CPU performance whilst offering state of the art security features. These features include RSA, DFA/DPA/SPA resistant, DES/TDES co-processor, true RNG (Random Number Generator), firewalls, and environmental protections. The first family member AT90SC19264RC, a 192K ROM, 64K EEPROM secureAVR microcontroller is already certified against the more demanding security rules designed for banking and government applications AT90SC19264RC, a 192K ROM, 64K EEPROM secureAVR Microcontroller.

The AT90SC3232CS, a smaller, more cost-effective product than the previous AT90SC3232C with significantly improved security and performance, has the addition of an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) port to provide additional features for secure embedded and other smart applications. Examples include embedded security for Set-Top boxes for manufacturers who may prefer their Pay TV Conditional Access to be embedded within the hardware or as a Secure Access Module (SAM) for payment and other smart card terminals. The enhanced features of the AT90SC3232CS, combined with Atmel's AT45DB321B 32M-bit DataFlash®, made it suitable for the innovative 4M byte Smart Card ISAM (ITSO Secure Access Module). Designed for the Interoperable Transport Smartcard Organisation (ITSO), it is an example of how connecting a Flash memory to this device provides a means to securely store a large amount of data.

To complement these features, the AT90SC3232CS also incorporates 32K bytes of Flash program memory, for faster time to market and customer flexibility, together with 32K bytes of EEPROM and 3K bytes of RAM, which is enough to support the powerful 16-bit RISC co-processor for RSA key lengths up to 2048. Hardware triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) support, complete the cryptographic features of this flexible device.

Ian Duthie, Smart Card IC Marketing Manager said, "We have been really encouraged by both the diversity and the number of design wins we have already achieved with this new product release, with applications in Government ID, PKI, Banking, Pay-TV, GSM mobile and Transport sectors of the smart card market. The product is proving to be a good all-rounder due to its wide-ranging features."

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