NeoSpeech and Conversay Announce Strategic Partnership

11/4/2002 - NeoSpeech, the leading provider of voice-enabled solutions for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, has announced a strategic partnership with Conversay, a global leader in enabling mobile speech technologies and pioneer of Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR). Under the terms of the partnership NeoSpeech will work in conjunction with Conversay to offer the next generation of human quality Text-to- Speech solutions with Neospeech's VoiceTextTM technology as a value add for Conversay's Distributed Speech Recognition architecture and framework. The result of the mutual offering will represent the cutting edge in Voice Recognition and Text to Speech technology available in the market today.

"Conversay has a tremendous reputation for delivering high-quality performance to their customers," said Lin Chase, CEO of NeoSpeech. "Our partnership with them ensures that our VoiceText technology will be showcased in a high-performance environment that underscores the quality of our TTS solution. The enhancement of VoiceText in conjunction with Conversay's Distributed Speech framework provides the full spectrum of value and quality that our customers expect."

VoiceText generates high-quality, natural sounding human voices from text input. The technology is available in configurations for a wide range of hand-held devices, desktop and network/server applications.

DSR provides a compelling case to customers such as Wireless Carriers due to its unique client server architecture, where recognition and response occurs over a datalink. This in turn represents new revenue streams in kind.

"In high-volume markets such as those we serve, it's crucial our technology performs to the highest market standards," says Steve Rondel, Chairman and CEO of Conversay. "VoiceText has what we think is the best voice quality in the US, and combined with our DSR technology, it allows us to deliver unequaled interactive speech performance."

About NeoSpeech
NeoSpeech, Inc. is a leading provider of speech-enabled solutions based on a suite of best-of-breed core capabilities in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, and voice animation. The company offers flexible, innovative products for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. The privately-held company, headquartered in Fremont, California, is backed by Voiceware Co., Ltd. of Korea.

About Conversay
Founded in 1994, Conversay provides product and technology solutions that enable conversational voice interaction with network information, including the Internet when other interfaces are difficult, impossible or too costly. Increasingly deployed on handsets and Enterprises, speech technologies often make computer interaction easier and faster, saving time and money. Built on an innovative speech engine, ConversayTM technology is speaker-independent, modular, scalable and accommodates unlimited "Internet-grade" vocabulary, making it ideally suited for mobile applications. This engine can reside on the device - including "smart" phones, hand-held devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and more - as well as drive speech-enabled content from a communications server.

Conversay, Conversational Computing, and Conversation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Conversational Computing Corporation.

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