Is the Development Process For Embedded Projects Broken?

11/4/2002 - VDC's survey of over 450 embedded software developers reveals a number of factors are contributing to an increasing number of delayed and canceled embedded development projects. The result is high software development and support costs, missed market windows, and reduced profit potential from shortened product life cycles for OEMs.

A comparison of late projects shows that industries developing large, complex applications have a higher percentage of completed projects running behind schedule. OEMs are looking to include more features and capabilities than ever before into their products in tighter development time frames.

"In addition to increasing complexity, embedded projects continue to be frustrated by inadequate specifications and changing specifications during product development," says Stephen Balacco, Embedded Systems Analyst at VDC. "The use of design automation tools can help automate the design and specification process and offer some relief to embedded developers, however, we expect OEMs will need to look beyond a 'more tools' mentality and begin to examine the management of their software development projects."

Exhibit I
Predominant Factors That Slow Down Embedded Project Development(In Rank Order)

Embedded system developers are challenged by a growing list of target architectures, increased software complexity, and time to market pressure. As software continues to grow in importance, embedded software solution providers can assist OEMs in improving software quality and productivity by offering pre-integrated vertical platform solutions that address specific application needs that reduce additional development and integration and allows developers to focus on product differentiation. Professional services should not be overlooked.

About the Study and Venture Development Corporation
This report titled "Embedded Systems Market Statistics" provides important metrics describing the growth of the embedded systems industry including the number of embedded developers, the shipments of embedded devices and annual number of project starts. VDC's analysis of these three metrics reveals trends and opportunities that will directly impact embedded solution providers and assist in formulating affective product strategy.

VDC's research is based on extensive primary research including Web-based surveys sent to 20,000 embedded developers, detailed structured interviews of embedded engineers and corporate officers, and substantial interviews with market participants. Research also includes exhaustive investigation and analysis of secondary resources.

Graduates of Harvard Business School and MIT founded Venture Development Corporation (VDC), a technology market research and strategy firm, in 1971. Over the years, VDC has developed and fine-tuned a unique and highly successful methodology for forecasting and analyzing dynamic technology markets. VDC has extensive experience in providing analysis in the embedded software market. This includes multiclient and custom consulting engagements in a broad spectrum of related topics including vertical markets and applications, Internet enabling applications, proprietary operating systems, commercial operating systems, software development tools, design automation tools, test automation tools, Ada, Java, Linux, and others.

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