Siemens Computers Equips Start Amadeus with Three New BS2000/OSD Mainframes

11/4/2002 - Fujitsu Siemens Computers has just announced that it has won, together with its partner Siemens Business Services, an additional order from Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, Erding, for three new BS2000/OSD mainframes. The total order, which is valued at EUR 12.5 million, was awarded to Fujitsu Siemens Computers this summer, with migration scheduled for completion by December 2002.

Amadeus Data Processing GmbH operates one of the largest travel reservation systems in the world with around 200,000 connected terminals. Some 18,000 travel agencies throughout the length and breadth of Germany, for example, are connected to Start Amadeus and use it to process their bookings and reservations. Starting in fall, these will be operated with three new BS2000 S170 servers. Overall, some 45,000 travel agency PCs and printers are to be run using the new system, representing a market penetration of 85 percent in Germany. The Start system can be used to book flights, rail travel, buses, hotels, rental cars, ferries, cruises, insurance, admission tickets as well as package holidays. Start Amadeus is a 34 percent subsidiary of the international Amadeus Global Travel Distribution S.A., Madrid/Spain, with worldwide data processing services being provided by Amadeus Data Processing in Erding.

"The decision to opt for Fujitsu Siemens Computers was driven primarily by the excellent cost and process optimizations that we were able to achieve by installing the new server," remarked Eberhard Haag, Managing Director of Amadeus Data Processing GmbH. "Of course, another major factor was the excellent relationship enjoyed with the IT company over many years. Furthermore, in the present uncertain economic climate, there is no denying the importance of the fact that this decision ultimately ensures significant budget and planning security for the next five years."

The BS2000 S170 server models use the most powerful CMOS /390 processors currently available and have an overall capacity of 1,670 RPF (Relative Performance Factor) in the three Amadeus configurations.*

In addition, the BS2000 S170 server offers so-called capacity-on-demand functionality, which means that users only pay for the services that they actually use. If required, enhanced capacity can be added on without interrupting operation, such as for example in backup situations. This means there is no longer any need for additional investment in other, less heavily used computers, which in turn means excellent flexibility and quality of service for users.

Users from all areas of business use the BS2000 server for IT infrastructure consolidation – primarily in the area of mission-critical applications (Business Critical Computing). This is no surprise since BS2000 servers offer particularly high transaction security, optimum availability and scalability and excellent workload management. BS2000/OSD also leads the field in terms of cost efficiency (TCO): costs can be reduced by up to a factor of three compared with similarly large data centers using other servers.

* RPFs are measured on the basis of the standard benchmark for a transaction application. 1 RPF corresponds to 1.5 MIPS (Million Instructions per Second).

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