Wind River Sets New Industry Standard With First Ever Market-Specific Integrated Embedded Platforms to Capitalize on $23 Billion Market

11/1/2002 - Wind River Systems, the worldwide market leader in embedded software and services, unveiled the first market-specific integrated embedded platforms, WIND RIVER® PLATFORMS, and a new enterprise-wide, subscription based licensing model — the first pricing model of its kind in the industry. WIND RIVER PLATFORMS include highly integrated, proven technology tuned for each market, allowing customers to improve development efficiencies, accelerate time to market and enhance product reliability.

The announcement represents an advancement of Wind Riverís market leadership in one of the most pervasive yet hidden markets: embedded software ó the technology that powers non-desktop computers such as satellites, robotics, printers, digital TVs, routers and more. Wind River owns more than *30 percent of the commercial embedded software market.

However, new research, which includes commercial and in-house embedded software development, placed the market opportunity at **$23 billion. With the introduction of WIND RIVER PLATFORMS, the company plans to further extend its leadership position by accelerating the market shift from in-house development to commercial software adoption.

The market-specific integrated embedded platforms introduced today are:

"Wind River has always driven the industry forward by listening to our customers and providing the most reliable technology to meet their unique and ever-changing needs," said Tom St. Dennis, president and CEO of Wind River. "With the introduction of WIND RIVER PLATFORMS, we've once again worked to set the standard for the embedded software industry. By offering a proven foundation together with attractive licensing, we're making it easier for our customers to focus on innovating new products and entering new markets."

"Electronics manufacturers face complex software management challenges which include multiple suppliers, technology integration, lack of internal standards, out of control R&D spending and shrinking resources. As costs increase while resources decrease, companies need to gain control of their overall software development spending," said Jerry Krasner, Vice President of Market Intelligence for Embedded Market Forecasters. "With the introduction of the WIND RIVER PLATFORMS and a new enterprise pricing model, companies can turn to Wind River as a strategic outsourcing partner to bring innovative products to market faster."

These product introductions represent the third instance of Wind River reshaping the embedded software industry. In 1987, Wind River created the industryís first "real-time operating system," VxWorks®. Then in 1995, Wind River once again led the embedded market with the introduction of the first "integrated development environment" with its Tornado® offering. Once again, Wind River is redefining the industry with the first ever market-specific "integrated embedded platforms."

Wind River is going beyond the operating system by offering the most reliable integrated embedded platforms. With WIND RIVER PLATFORMS, manufacturers can now quickly build more complex and efficient products while delivering increased intelligence, connectivity and security without jeopardizing reliability.

All WIND RIVER PLATFORMS tightly integrate a rich set of Wind Riverís market-leading operating systems, tools, connectivity software and management features with reference hardware and service credits to provide a complete foundation that meets the specific requirements of a vertical market. WIND RIVER PLATFORMS also include extensive source code. The depth of these platforms reduces project risk and enables developers to focus on differentiation and enhanced product performance.

Market-specific platforms announced today include:
WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Consumer Devices is an embedded enterprise platform for digital consumer device development. End applications include digital imaging devices, broadband access, interactive digital TV and multimedia information appliances. PLATFORM CD includes features commonly required in consumer products such as graphics, Web services, wireless Internet access security and management.

WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Industrial Devices enables a broad variety of industrial applications. End applications include robotics, medical equipment and test and measurement equipment. PLATFORM ID integrates advanced industrial connectivity including DCOM and CAN, graphics, management and industrial network access.

WIND RIVER PLATFORM for DO-178B enables the development of safety and mission-critical systems for aerospace and defense. End applications include flight management and control systems, nuclear plant controls and weapons systems. PLATFORM DO-178B is ideal for applications that must meet RTCA/DO-178B and EUROCAE/ED-12B certification standards and features a certifiable RTOS.

WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Network Equipment enables rapid development of reliable network infrastructure equipment. End applications include application concentrators, DSLAMs, multi-service switches and wireless base stations. Platform NE includes the industryís most proven and advanced routing stack, management, Layer 3 technology and remote access.

WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Server Appliances enables developers to build server appliances and storage networking devices quickly and easily. End applications include dedicated servers, network attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN), Web caches, load balancers and security equipment. PLATFORM SA has the capability to run Linux applications and integrates security, management, advanced networking and high performance file systems.

Wind River is also introducing a new subscription-based model, with per-seat pricing, designed to help customers gain control of their development costs and therefore improve profitability. The new model is extremely flexible and is site, architecture, host and project independent. It includes updates and upgrades annually, making it much easier for customers to standardize on a platform across the enterprise. Customers also receive service credits that include on-site consultations, education or training to help their development teams get products to market faster.

Depending on the market-specific integrated embedded platform, pricing will vary per developer seat. In order to make pricing even more attractive, Wind River provides volume discount pricing, which further reduces cost.

WIND RIVER PLATFORM For Consumer Devices, WIND RIVER PLATFORM For Industrial Devices, WIND RIVER PLATFORM For Network Equipment, WIND RIVER PLATFORM For Server Appliances and WIND RIVER PLATFORM For DO-178B will be available for customer shipment in the coming month. Additionally, Wind River will continue to roll out market-specific integrated embedded platforms for each of its vertical markets.

About Wind River
Wind River is the worldwide leader in embedded software and services. It is the only company to provide market-specific embedded platforms that integrate real-time operating systems, development tools and technologies. Wind Riverís products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Wind River provides high-integrity technology and expertise that enables its customers to create superior products more efficiently. Companies from around the world are standardizing on Wind River, creating the most reliable products while also accelerating their time to market. Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide.

*Needham, Research Note August 2002
**McKinsey, August 2002 Report Evaluating Embedded Software Development Spend of top 100 Original Equipment Manufacturers within Wind River's five vertical markets

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