Polish LonUsers Group Formed to Advance LONWORKS Market in Poland and Eastern Europe

11/1/2002 - Echelon, the creator of the LonWorks device networking platform for networking everyday devices to each other and the Internet, announced its support in establishing the Polish LonUsers Group, PLUG, at the LonWorldTM 2002 Exhibition and Conference. The 13th LonUsers group, PLUG joins the LonUsers groups from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Founding members of PLUG include: ABB Centrum IT Poland, EBV Elektronik Poland, EKO-AUT, PEC Poznan, Philips Lighting Farel Mazury, Siemens Building Technologies Poland, No problem 2000, Instytut Systemów Sterowania, Wago-Elwag Poland, TAC Poland, ZDANiA and Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza. PLUG was formed in response to growing momentum and support for the LonWorks platform in the region as evidenced in by OPEN SYSTEMS 2002 (a seminar about Echelon's i.LONTM Family of Internet Servers held in Krakow on October 10-11, 2002) which drew over 250 attendees, including engineering specifiers, electrical engineers, architects and utility companies from Poland and surrounding countries.

"The main goals of PLUG are the promotion and support of the LonWorks platform in Poland and Eastern Europe for use in the building and industrial automation, remote energy monitoring for utility providers and environment monitoring markets," said Pawel Kwasnowski, ZDANIA's CEO. "PLUG will be a leading voice in the promotion of open systems based on the LonWorks platform and the Internet through shared marketing initiatives, member representation with local and state authorities, and LonMark® certification of products. Echelon's support in the founding and development of PLUG will be instrumental in achieving these goals."

"The Polish LonUsers Group is a very dynamic and enthusiastic association of companies who, we believe, will extend the reach of open systems based on LonWorks technology throughout the region. We are very pleased to assist the Group in their establishment and further development," said Mark Ossel, Echelon's vice president of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

About Echelon
Echelon Corporation is the creator of the LonWorks platform, the world's most widely used standard for connecting everyday devices such as appliances, thermostats, air conditioners, electric meters, and lighting systems to each other and to the Internet. Echelon's hardware and software products enable manufacturers and integrators to create smart devices and systems that lower cost, increase convenience, improve service, and enhance productivity, quality, and safety. Thousands of companies have developed and installed LonWorks products and more than 24 million LonWorks enabled processors have been shipped for use in homes, buildings, factories, trains, and other systems worldwide.

The protocol underlying LonWorks networks and the signaling technology used by Echelon's power line and free topology transceivers have been adopted as standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Echelon is also a founding member of the LonMark Interoperability Association, an open industry forum of hundreds of leading manufacturers, integrators, and users dedicated to promoting the use of interoperable LonWorks devices.

Echelon, LonWorks, LNS, LonUsers and the Echelon logo are trademarks of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries. LonWorld and i.LON are trademarks of Echelon Corporation.

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