PMC-Sierra Introduces Enterprise 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN PHY Device to Support XAUI-Based Optics

10/31/2002 - PMC-Sierra introduced the PM3393 S/UNI® 1x10GE-XP, a highly integrated, low power, all-purpose Ethernet solution for use in enterprise, storage, and metro applications.

This device is the latest addition to the XENONTM family of SPI-4.2/POS-PHYTM Level 4-based (PL4) OC-192 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet physical layer products which are now fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3ae-2002 final specification. Examples of ideal networking applications for the S/UNI 1x10GE-XP are large enterprise switches deployed by Fortune 500 companies and university campuses, edge and core routers, and SAN applications such as storage-aware router blades, iSCSI gateways, and iSCSI interfaces on Fibre Channel switches.

"We originally built the XENON Ethernet family of devices to meet the demanding requirements of carrier-class metro network equipment and to enable the convergence of Ethernet and SONET," said Steve Perna, vice president and general manager PMC-Sierra's Service Provider Division. "Now with the addition of our S/UNI 1x10GE-XP, the XENON family of devices provides solutions spanning metro optical equipment to enterprise 10GE applications such as Ethernet switches and SAN host-bus adaptors. This is important as carriers continue to expand their service offerings to include Ethernet without costly migrations away from SONET/SDH."

Market Adoption of XAUI-Based Optical Modules
The S/UNI 1x10GE-XP solution addresses the market adoption of XAUI as a PHY-to-module interface for 10GE optics. Today, there are three XAUI-based multi-source agreements (MSAs) for 10GE optics (XENPAK, XPAK and the X2). Many factors are contributing to the deployment of XAUI-based optics such as form factor, hot pluggability and signal integrity. XAUI-based optical modules have several space-efficient form-factors to choose from, some of which are tailored for short and intermediate reach applications (less than 10 km) and therefore do not suffer the package size penalty of long-reach optics. The hot-pluggability feature allows OEMs to reduce inventory handling costs by offering a single 10GE line card which can support optics populated to order instead of at assembly. The XAUI interface standard, adopted by this style of optical module, is a very robust board-level interface which provides an extra degree of freedom in the physical design of a platform. The XAUI interface for the S/UNI 1x10GE-XP is leveraged from PMC-Sierra's industry proven four channel PM8355 QuadPHY II XAUI to XGMII Serializer/Deserializer (SERDES) that provides low power operation and exceptional performance.

An Enterprise 10GE LAN PHY Device with Carrier-Class Features
The S/UNI 1x10GE-XP has a SPI-4.2/PL4 system-side interface and a XAUI line-side interface with integrated standards compliant 10GE MAC and PCS blocks. As with the rest of the XENON family, the S/UNI 1x10GE-XP product is designed to meet the requirements of carrier-class networking equipment. This device offers industrial temperature range operation from -40 to +85 degrees and provides comprehensive Ethernet statistics to support enhanced billing and demanding network management challenges of Ethernet beyond the LAN. Enhanced on-chip buffering is provided allowing for up to 2 kilometers of loss-less flow control to prevent packet drop due to network congestion. The industry standard PL4 system interface is fully SPI-4.2 compliant and allows vendors to support WAN interfaces as well as 10GE LAN and high-density lower rate Ethernet interfaces with a single link-layer solution.

XENON Devices Offer Full 10GE Standards Compliance
Both service provider and enterprise users identified completion of the final IEEE specification as a major prerequisite for adopting new 10GE technology. The XENON devices (S/UNI 1x10GE-XP, S/UNI 1x10GE, and S/UNI 9953) all comply with the approved draft 5.0 of the specification and the soon-to-be-published IEEE 802.3ae-2002 final specification.

Pricing, Availability and Customer Support
The PM3393 S/UNI 1x10GE-XP transceiver is packaged in a small footprint 27 mm by 27 mm, 672-pin FCBGA. First samples of this device will be available in Q4 of 2002.

XENON Family Supports Broad Range of Current and Emerging 10 Gigabit Metro Requirements
The release of the S/UNI 1x10GE-XP closely follows the production release of the original XENON devices. The five device XENON family enables a broad range of applications and allows OEMs to provide 10 Gigabit (WAN and LAN), OC-192 POS/ATM/GFP, high density OC-48 POS/ATM and high density Gigabit Ethernet into the industry standard SPI-4.2/PL4 system interface. The SPI-4.2/PL4 system interface, with dynamic alignment technology, improves signal integrity for backplane applications and simplifies multiple line card design. The XENON devices are ideal for a broad range of applications such as edge/core routers, WAN switches, high-end Ethernet switches, multi-service provisioning platforms, and SAN equipment (storage-aware router blades, iSCSI gateways, and iSCSI interfaces on Fibre Channel switches). The XENON family includes:

About POS-PHY Level 4 (PL4)/SPI-4.2
POS-PHY Level 4 originated from the SATURN® Development Group, co-founded by PMC-Sierra in 1992. It has since been standardized in the OIF as System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2 (SPI-4.2) and in the ATM Forum as Frame-Based ATM Interface Level 4 (FBATM-4). SPI-4.2/PL4 is an industry standard multi-service system interface supporting OC-192, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and multi-channel configurations, including 2.5 Gbit/s OC-48, 622 Mbit/s OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet, as required by the new generation of routers and switches used in multi-service voice and data networks. The interface is flexible, supporting high-speed Packet-over-SONET (POS) Internet traffic as well as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) applications.

About PMC-Sierra
PMC-Sierra is a leading provider of high speed broadband communications and storage semiconductors and MIPS-based processors for Enterprise, Access, Metro Optical Transport, Storage Area Networking and Wireless network equipment. The company offers worldwide technical and sales support, including a network of offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company's quality system is registered with the Quality Management Institute to the ISO 9001 standard. As co-founder of the SATURN® Development Group, PMC-Sierra works with over 30 other member companies to define and develop interoperable, standard-compliant solutions for high speed networking applications.

PMC-Sierra is included in the S&P 500 Index which consists of 500 stocks chosen for market size, liquidity, and industry group representation and in the NASDAQ-100 Index (NDX) which contains the largest non-financial companies on the NASDAQ Stock Market. PMC-Sierra is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the PMCS symbol.

S/UNI®and SATURN®are registered trademarks of PMC-Sierra, Inc. PMC-SierraTM, POS-PHYTM and XENONTM are trademarks of PMC-Sierra, Inc.

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