Concurrent Technologies Launches Extended Temperature Version of the Popular VP 100/010 VME Single Board Computer

10/31/2002 - Concurrent Technologies announces the extended temperature version of the popular VP 100/010 VME single board computer which uses the 800MHz Low Voltage Intel® Pentium III Processor 512K. The VP 100/010-E has now increased the range of applications for those requiring an operating environment of -25°C to +70°C, typically within the defense and transportation markets. This single slot board supports a single PMC site (32/64-bit interface up to 66MHz) with an expansion connector providing 2 further PMC sites on an optional extended temperature carrier. EIDE and Ultra Wide SCSI interfaces are provided. An optional on-board EIDE CompactFlashTM extended temperature carrier is also available.

At the core of the VP 100/010-E is the Low Voltage 800MHz Intel Pentium III "Tualatin" (0.13 micron) processor in a "Flip Chip" package. The processor supports 512 Kbytes of high-speed secondary cache and, in conjunction with the ServerWorksTM ServerSetTM III LE chipset, operates a 133MHz front side bus alongside a 32-bit PCI bus and a 64-bit PCI bus. As with all Concurrent Technologies’ designs, heat sinks are used in preference to fans for cooling the CPU.

The VP 100/010-E provides, soldered on board, 512 Mbytes or 1Gbyte of 133MHz ECC S-DRAM that can easily be upgraded to 1.5 Gbytes via the onboard memory socket.

Other features available are a dual 10baseT/100baseTX Ethernet interface, keyboard/mouse interface, PC real-time clock, 2 RS232 channels, 2 USB ports, parallel printer port, watchdog timer, long duration timer and an Asiliant Technologies 69030 graphics interface including Digital Flat Panel support. A P2 breakout module is provided to facilitate integration in specific applications requiring rear I/O connection.

For ease of integration, the VP 100/010-E supports many of today’s leading operating systems, including VxWorks®, Linux®, LynxOS®, Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, Windows® XP Embedded, RTX® and SolarisTM.

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