Sun, Journee Software Achieve Data Integration Performance Milestone

10/30/2002 - Sun Microsystems and Journee Software revealed a new performance and scalability test result achieved during a series of data integration tests. These tests running on the Sun FireTM V880 and V480 servers in combination with Sun StorEdgeTM T3 arrays achieved a peak performance load of 16,000 concurrent users with sub-second response time, handling over 55 million transactions per day. These joint performance tests focused on end-to-end CRM integration performance, modeling a Fortune 1000 enterprise with multiple web-based clients requesting read/write access to data located in disparate back-office systems.

The application software included in the test was Journee's ServiceStreamTM data integration solution, which maps data residing in disparate operational systems into a single, logical source that is accessed by CRM applications. The peak performance results were achieved using ServiceStream's SMARTcache technology, which helps enables frequently accessed data to be replicated in the ServiceStream data store, virtually eliminating the need to access back-office systems to complete each transaction.

These performance tests conducted by Sun and Journee give customers the opportunity to see the performance characteristics of Journee ServiceStream and the Sun Fire platform under real-world conditions and to use this information to plan configuration requirements and system sizing. By seeing test results in advance, the risk and uncertainty involved in an end-to-end integration deployment is reduced.

Sun and Journee achieved a second important goal by demonstrating the high performance and scalability of a multi-tier, multi-vendor configuration. The tests exercised a complex solution stack that consisted of the ServiceStream application, BEA WebLogic Application Server, Oracle Database Server, SolarisTM Operating Environment (OE), and Sun system hardware. By testing the performance of a highly interoperable set of integrated technologies, the performance tests help to eliminate the guesswork and risk experienced by customers who value the choice of best-of-breed technologies, yet face difficulties deploying complex, highly integrated solutions.

About the Performance Tests
The internal performance tests conducted by Sun and Journee employed automated Web load generators acting as clients. Each client request (e.g., check account information, update account) involved a flow from the browser, to ServiceStream and the EJBTM components of the BEA application server, to multiple database servers. The client load generation was configured with low think time to represent business users with high-volume data entry and frequent interactions. The tests were performed using Sun Fire V880 and V480 systems, configured with UltraSPARCIII 900 MHz processors, running on the Solaris OE. The tests also utilized Sun StorEdge T3 disk arrays. The software configuration included four Journee ServiceStream 1.7 servers, five BEA WebLogic application servers, and four Oracle database servers.

About Journee Software
Journee Software is a recognized leader in the emerging Customer Data Integration (CDI) marketplace. The Journee solution aggregates customer data from disparate back-office systems so that it can be accessed and transacted on in real-time by multiple channel applications. By maintaining one central view of the customer across departmental barriers, product line divisions, and business units, Journee allows organizations to use their data assets to improve customer satisfaction and retention and to implement new revenue-generating products and services. Journee is a privately held, venture-backed company located in Austin, Texas. Journee can be reached at (512) 634-5111.

About Sun Microsystems
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision — "The Network Is The ComputerTM" — has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work.

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