emWare Expands EMIT Product Line with Java and C++ Client Application Libraries for Developing Internet-enabled Intelligent Devices

10/30/2002 - emWare, the leading provider of remote device management solutions, announced the release of its Java Object Access Library (OALTM) — a new addition to its EMIT® for Distributed Objects family of products and services. The Java OAL is a software library that lets developers use any JAVA development environment to create powerful, sophisticated client applications for managing and monitoring embedded networked devices over the Internet. emWare also announced that its C++ Object Access Library will be available for purchase later this quarter. These two new libraries, along with emWare’s previously announced ActiveX/COM OAL, provide developers with unparalleled flexibility in creating client applications for a variety of user interfaces, including cell phones, Web browsers and custom applications.

"The availability of the JAVA, C++ and ActiveX/COM Object Access Libraries provide developers with the flexibility to create client applications for their networked devices using the development environment and programming language they need to achieve their desired results," said Todd Rytting, Sr. VP of engineering for emWare. "In addition, we’ve reduced the development time that is required to use these software libraries by making their APIs very similar."

As an example use of an Object Access Library, one might imagine a product that would provide data-logging and remote monitoring and diagnostics for conductivity controllers. These controllers provide water treatment specialists with the ability to maintain the essential condition standards for cooling towers, boilers and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This example of using an OAL is concerned with just the client communications and user interface side of this product. The ActiveX/COM OAL would allow developers to leverage a Microsoft Access database to query devices and provide data-logging capabilities using this familiar Microsoft Office tool. The C++ OAL would support the development of a graphical utility program, written in C++, that could connect to the controllers to provide interactive remote diagnostics. If the company’s IT department ever decides that it wants to integrate the newly-accessible controller information with the company’s enterprise system, they could use the Java OAL to write a software "bridge" in Java.

Future Releases
Future OALs will support such client application environments and platforms as C#, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), PDA platforms such as PocketPC and selected scripting languages.

Pricing & Availability
All EMIT-based Object Access Libraries include software libraries, coding examples, online documentation and a complete API reference. The Java Object Access Library is available today for purchase online at www.emstore.com or by calling us toll-free at 1-877-436-9273. The C++ Object Access Library will be available later this quarter. Introductory pricing for the Object Access Libraries is $99 US.

About Remote Device Management
Several technology innovations, including device networking and Web services, are converging today to enable Remote Device Management. Remote Device Management is a new approach that helps companies add intelligence to their smart devices by automating routine functions that use remote diagnostics, self-healing and self-optimizing techniques, while passing highly relevant real-time data back to the enterprise. Remote Device Management enables intelligent devices to become self-aware and self-regulating, thereby becoming capable of running and healing themselves, adjusting to varying circumstances and preparing their resources to handle their workload most efficiently. By deploying this technology into real-world solutions, companies can reduce service costs up to 75% and introduce new revenue opportunities based on products and services that use the newly available device data.

About emWare
emWare makes it fast, easy and affordable to add remote device management capabilities to electronic devices, helping companies be more competitive by enabling them to deliver a new generation of smart products that increase profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. emWare’s remote device management solution includes EMIT software and hosted emConnectTM device management services that enable companies to remotely connect, monitor, control and diagnose intelligent devices. emWare founded the ETI AllianceTM — a group of leading technology and service companies that are extending the Internet to everyday devices. Established in May 1996, emWare is a private company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office in Munich, Germany.

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