Fujitsu's Softek Delivers the Industry's Most Powerful Discovery Engine to Visualize, Monitor and Manage SAN Performance

10/30/2002 - SoftekTM, a leading provider of storage management software, launched Softek TM SANView version 4.1, software that that makes it easier than ever for storage network administrators to monitor and manage the broadest variety of storage area network (SAN) devices in open, heterogeneous environments.

SANView 4.1 is a redesign of SANView 3.5, originally developed by Vixel Corp. Following Softek’s acquisition of Vixel in April 2002, the company has significantly improved the software program’s ease-of-use, performance and interoperability, which is especially useful for managing complexities created when a SAN fabric expands or changes.

"The cost savings potential of Softek SANView 4.1 is promising," said Dennis Martin, partner at analyst firm Evaluator Group. "We are surprised by the number of companies using spreadsheets or similar tools in an attempt to manage SAN connectivity and performance. Softek provides a better way."

Softek SANView 4.1 software automatically locates all physical devices and connections on the storage area network, including switches, host bus adapters and storage arrays. This allows storage network administrators to visualize, monitor and manage the overall status and performance of the SAN to easily identify faulty devices or connections so that problems are resolved quickly. Additionally, the program proactively triggers e-mail alerts about potential problems based on user-defined thresholds. Collectively, these features enable the SAN to achieve higher availability and greater throughput levels.

"The functionality and interoperability of Softek SANView 4.1 has restored my faith in the future of SAN management," said Bob Bushey, lab manager at network storage training and certification company Infinity I/O. "Softek SANView 4.1 allows for the easy conceptualization of the SAN, providing both a comprehensive view of storage resources and the information to spot problems early on and to manipulate and manage storage while ensuring application continuity."

By preventing outages, proactively managing performance and reducing troubleshooting time dramatically, Softek SANView 4.1 significantly reduces the cost of managing storage on a daily basis and greatly reduces the total cost of ownership of enterprises’ storage infrastructures. For enterprises looking to further reduce the total cost of ownership, Softek enables automated provisioning and a comprehensive view of storage assets by offering Softek SANView in combination with the SoftekTM Storage Manager storage resource management software.

"This major enhancement to Softek SANView 4.1 enables enterprises to take advantage of the greatest collection of management and device discovery capabilities of any product available today," said Mike Wallulis, director of product development at Softek. "Coupled with support for the widest range of SAN devices, including interoperability with the most switches, these improvements allow enterprises to proactively monitor and manage SAN performance, communication and connectivity – whether an enterprise already has implemented or plans to implement a SAN."

New Enhancements to Softek SANView 4.1:

Pricing and Availability
Softek SANView 4.1 is available now through the company’s direct sales force and network of worldwide authorized resellers. Licenses start at $12,595.

For enterprises interested in not only monitoring and managing, but also provisioning their SAN, Softek Storage Manager is available now with Softek SANView 4.1. Licenses are priced from $15,000.

About SoftekTM Storage Manager
Softek Storage Manager software is the first product that lets customers manage their storage infrastructure via one interface no matter how many systems, platforms or configurations they are supporting, whether they are direct, networked or SAN-attached. The Softek Storage Manager product is also the first to deliver visualisation of storage resources along with policy-based automation of storage management allowing companies to realise best in class ROI from storage assets by improving overall utilization of their storage resources and reducing the time and money to manage them.

About Softek
Softek delivers the first powerful alternative to traditional storage management. The company offers a complete suite of storage management software, which operates across multiple storage vendors and platforms allowing customers to realize best-in-class ROI from their storage assets. Softek offers storage management solutions in storage resource management, storage provisioning, SAN management, data migration, replication, backup, disaster recovery/business continuance and quality of service monitoring. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Softek is backed by the financial strength of Fujitsu Limited.

Softek, Softek SANView and Softek Storage Manager are trademarks of Fujitsu Software Technology Corporation. Fujitsu and the Fujitsu logo are registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited.

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