PMC-Sierra Adds 1 Gigahertz Single-Core MIPS-based Processor to RM9000 Family To Extend Into Enterprise and Storage Applications

10/29/2002 - PMC-Sierra expanded the company's RM9000 family of highly integrated, MIPS-based processors with its new 1 GHz single-core RM9000x1TM. The RM9000x1 integrates memory and high-speed I/O interfaces on-chip to optimize performance and uses a 0.13 micron low voltage process to reduce total device power consumption to an industry low of less than 5 watts. The RM9000x1 is ideal for use in core and edge routers, DSLAMS, multi-service switches, high-end laser printers, storage area network (SAN) applications, and wireless base stations.

"The highly-integrated 1 GHz RM9000x1 provides customers with a low power, low cost solution for high-performance applications not requiring a dual-CPU processor," said Tom Riordan, vice president and general manager of the MIPS Processor Division of PMC-Sierra. "The RM9000x1 and the RM9000x2TM are pin-compatible and provide system designers with an interchangeable solution based on the customer's performance requirements with minimum investment in software redevelopment. Our family of MIPS-based processors is established as the best price to performance solution for our current markets which include enterprise printers, set-top-boxes, Ethernet switches, storage systems, to edge and core routers."

The Fifth Generation of PMC-Sierra MIPS-based Processors
The RM9000 family of processors follows in the footsteps of the highly successful PMC-Sierra RM7000 and RM5200 high performance processor families. The RM9000x1's 64-bit MIPS-based CPU core is compatible with the MIPSTM-64 Instruction Set Architecture. The CPU is optimized for performance by using a seven-stage dual-issue pipeline combined with tightly coupled L1 and L2 caches and sophisticated branch prediction for maintaining pipeline efficiency. To reduce memory latency for packet header processing, the RM9000x1 provides the Direct Deposit Cache feature allowing the Direct Memory Access (DMA) of packet headers into L2 cache from the HyperTransportTM or SysAD buses while the payload is written into main memory.

High Performance and Integration
The integrated high-speed bus interfaces provide low latency accesses to main memory and high bandwidth for I/O. A 200 MHz integrated DDR SDRAM interface provides 25.6 Gbit/s of memory bandwidth. The 500 MHz DDR HyperTransport and 200 MHz 64-bit SysAD I/O interfaces provide high bandwidth connections to a wide range of networking peripherals. For example, the HyperTransport link enables the RM9000x1 to connect other processors and co-processors such as security processors or classifiers, as well as to high-speed, HyperTransport switches and bridges, backplanes, and FPGAs. The local bus provides connectivity to lower speed devices such as boot ROM and Flash.

To guarantee that data movement does not slow packet processing, the RM9000x1 has an embedded switch fabric. This buffered fabric, the Packet Switch, connects the CPU, memory and I/O interfaces. The Packet Switch has five ports supporting an aggregate bandwidth of 160 Gbit/s. The high bandwidth Packet Switch improves overall performance by allowing simultaneous data transfers on all five of its ports. The Packet Switch, for example, will allow a CPU access over SysAD at the same time that a HyperTransport peripheral is accessing the main memory.

Industry Compatibility
The MIPS architecture has become one of the most widely licensed, open-industry standard architectures in networking, networked printer and networked consumer applications. A wide range of development tools and resources are available through a large number of third-party development partners. The RM9000 family of processors will support multiple operating systems such as Linux and Windriver's VxWorks®. A variety of packaged systems for software development or for full product deployment are currently available through Momentum Computer. These packaged systems provide operating systems, compilers, debuggers, RTOS and peripheral support for HyperTransport. The on-chip EJTAG debug module ensures smooth and easy debugging of both hardware and software by allowing a single step and state examination.

Pricing, Availability and Customer Support
The RM9000x1 is priced at $210 in volume production. PMC-Sierra will begin sampling the RM9000x1 in Q4 of 2002. Evaluation boards will also be available in Q4 of 2002.

About the RM9000 Family of MIPS-based Processors
PMC-Sierra's RM9000 family of highly integrated 64-bit MIPS-based dual- and single-core processors are the foundation for future products that will provide greater processing power through high-performance I/O interconnects designed for networking equipment. The flexibility of the RM9000x2 multiprocessor architecture allows it to address a wide variety of networking applications in both the control and data planes. The HyperTransport and SysAD buses connect to a large number of companion chips, which provide connectivity to high-speed networking interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCI, PCI-X, PL3, PL4, and T1/T3.

About PMC-Sierra
PMC-Sierra is a leading provider of high-speed broadband communications and storage semiconductors and MIPS-based processors for Enterprise, Access, Metro Optical Transport, Storage Area Networking and Wireless network equipment that makes up the backbone of the Internet. The company offers worldwide technical and sales support, including a network of offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company's quality system is registered with the Quality Management Institute to the ISO 9001 standard. As co-founder of the SATURN® Development Group, PMC-Sierra works with over 30 other member companies to define and develop interoperable, standard-compliant solutions for high speed networking applications.

PMC-Sierra is included in the S&P 500 Index, which consists of 500 stocks chosen for market size, liquidity, and industry group representation and in the Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX), which contains the largest non-financial companies on the Nasdaq Stock Market. PMC-Sierra is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the PMCS symbol.

SATURN(R) is a registered trademark of PMC-Sierra, Inc. PMC-SierraTM, RM9000TM, RM9000x2TM and RM9000x1TM are trademarks of PMC-Sierra, Inc.

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