Atmel Introduces the Industry's First Low-Speed/Full-Speed Configurable USB Function Controller

10/29/2002 - Atmel® announced that it is extending its AT43 family of AVR®-based USB microcontrollers with the industry's first and only low-speed/full-speed configurable USB device controller. Featuring a 24mips AVR microcontroller core capable of operating at 1.5Mhz, 12Mhz or 24Mhz, the AT43USB351M represents the most powerful and flexible low-/full-speed device controller to date. With AT43USB351M's ability to operate at low-/full-speed, Atmel is now able to provide its customers the opportunity to design and market increasingly sophisticated, USB 2.0 compliant low-speed and full-speed USB applications with one single chip.

"With the AT43USB351M, customers can stay with the same product family for all their USB controller needs," said Daniel Tjoa, Director of USB Products at Atmel. "There is no reason to have different USB MCU families for low speed low performance or full speed high performance applications. The AT43USB351M and all the other Atmel AT43 AVR based USB MCUs cover the whole application range with one set of development tools and software. This results in faster time to market and cost savings."

The AT43USB351M comes with 24 Kbytes of on-chip mask program ROM and 1 Kbytes of internal SRAM. It features an extensive set of on-chip peripherals, including an 10 bits A-to-D converter with 12 channels, a PWM with two outputs, 19 GPIO ports, two timer counters and an SPI serial interface.

The AT43USB351M is a low cost, function-only derivative of Atmel's AT43USB355. The AT43USB355 is an AVR based USB compound device with an embedded HUB that has been widely used by top XboxTM game controller suppliers. Binary compatibility between AT43USB355 and AT43USB351M ensures extensive code reuse in firmware development and reduces development time significantly, thus allowing for faster time-to-market.

The development and fast prototyping of AT43USB351M applications are supported by the AT43DK355, the same development kit used to develop AT43USB355 applications. The AT43DK355 includes a USB 2.0 compliant firmware library as well as sample application source code. Firmware written for the AT43USB355 will work on the AT43USB351M without modification as long as it uses features supported by both devices. As with any AVR-based device, a rich set of AVR development tools is available to support firmware development for the AT43USB351M.

AT43USB351M comes in a 48-pin LQFP package. Samples are available now. Prices start at $1.25 in quantities of 100,000. Customers can contact Atmel local sales offices for information on samples and development kits.

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