Trebia Networks Delivers Industry's First Enterprise-Class Storage Network Processors

10/28/2002 - Trebia Networks, a leader in the development of innovative system-on-silicon solutions for storage networking applications, announced a powerful set of SNP products that deliver the performance and reliability required for enterprise-class deployment of IP SANs. Applicable to both network switches and storage endpoints, the products announced are: (1) the SNP-1000, for solutions requiring IP Storage (iSCSI and FCIP) to Fibre Channel connectivity; (2) the SNP-1000i, for applications requiring a TCP Offload Engine (TOE) for TCP termination; and (3) the SNP-500, for applications requiring full iSCSI/TOE processing.

"The unveiling of Trebia's first SNP Product Family is an important milestone for Trebia, as it delivers on our goal of providing the industry's most powerful SNP products," said Bob Conrad, President and CEO of Trebia Networks. "The unique features and unprecedented performance of Trebia's SNP products will be an important enabler, allowing OEMs to deliver production-ready IP storage solutions, a prerequisite for broad adoption of IP SANs."

Enterprise-Class SNP Product Family
Trebia's SNP products are highly integrated system-on-silicon solutions designed to minimize time-to-market by including embedded protocol processing firmware, a comprehensive SANPortTM software driver for API-level interaction with the chip and a comprehensive software development kit (SNP-SDK) supporting both Wind River's VxWorks® real-time operating system and LinuxTM. Additionally, the SNP-SDK includes application reference code that allows OEMs to prototype and test applications in parallel with their hardware design, accelerating product development.

Highlights of the three Trebia SNP products:

Trebia SNP-1000
The industry's highest-performance multi-protocol SNP designed to provide connectivity between FC and IP Storage SANs. The chip includes integrated FC and GE MACs, PCI host interface, Trebia's TOE, and its patent-pending SAN Protocol Processor (SPP). Key features include:

The TOE, common to all three products, is designed for use with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, supporting 802.3ad trunking for port failover, 802.1p/Q tagging and 802.3x flow control. Designed to ensure high performance in LAN, MAN and WAN environments, this full-featured TCP stack implemented in silicon completely offloads the TCP processing elements associated with active IP Storage (iSCSI/FCIP) flows including segment reordering.

Dual IP Storage ports (1 Gbps) and a FC port (2 Gbps) capable of processing at full line rate - 4 Gbps of aggregate throughput. In fact, the SNP-1000 supports line rate performance down to 2K I/Os and up to 350,000 I/Os per second.

Single chip that supports iSCSI/FCIP termination, mediation of FCP-to-iSCSI and encapsulation/decapsulation of FCIP, enabling OEMs to build IP SAN products that span multiple applications.

Applications optimized by the SNP-1000 include SAN switches, MAN/LAN/WAN switches, Gateway/Bridges, SAN "convergence" systems and Endpoint systems.

Trebia SNP-1000i
The industry's only dual port TCP Offload Engine (TOE) designed to meet the specific I/O processing needs of SAN applications. Delivering the industry's highest performance TOE solution for storage applications, the SNP-1000i completely offloads TCP/IP segment processing from the host CPU. It features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, Trebia's TOE, and a high-performance PCI host bus interface.

Specific applications optimized by the SNP-1000i include SAN/NAS Endpoint systems, Switches/Gateways, and Virtualization appliances.

Trebia SNP-500
A powerful, highly integrated iSCSI protocol processor that provides fully automated processing of SCSI I/Os. It can also function purely as a TOE or simultaneously as a TOE and NIC, completely offloading iSCSI and/or TCP/IP protocol processing from the host CPU. The chip includes dual integrated GE MACs with SERDES, Trebia's TOE, and Trebia's SAN Protocol Processor (SPP). Key additional features include:

High performance and highly efficient PCI-X host interface

Complete, standards-compliant and interoperable iSCSI protocol processing
Specific applications optimized by the SNP-500 include Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), RAID systems, tape drives, NAS, and Virtualization appliances and line cards.

What OEMs are Saying
Bob Anderson, Director at LSI Logic:
"Trebia's network processors play a key role in our strategy to deliver unique IP storage solutions to the market," said Bob Anderson, director for the LSI Logic host bus adapter group. "The products are important enablers for the overall development of the IP storage market."

Jim Kuenzel, Vice President of Engineering at McData Corporation: "We are very impressed by the innovative architecture of Trebia's IP storage silicon," said Jim Kuenzel, Vice President of Engineering at McData Corporation. "Its performance and extensive software support will facilitate the development of manageable SAN infrastructures that integrate FCIP and iSCSI capabilities with proven Fibre Channel technology."

Compliance and Interoperability
In addition to a rich feature set, the Trebia SNP product family brings a wealth of successful compliance and interoperability testing to OEMs. The SNP-1000's Fibre Channel technology has successfully completed UNH Interoperability Lab (IOL) testing and has achieved SANMark SCD-2001 certification. Trebia's TCP Offload Engine has undergone significant interoperability testing and has completed testing against relevant Ixia ANVLTM TCP Core, TCP Advanced and TCP Performance test suites. Additionally, the SNP-1000 has successfully participated in all but one of the UNH IOL's iSCSI plugfests to date, is compliant with the latest versions of the iSCSI and FCIP standards and is software upgradeable to future IP storage standard versions. In fact, Trebia has provided UNH's IOL with a core portion of its iSCSI conformance test suite to improve the overall interoperability of iSCSI implementations across the industry. Trebia Networks is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the IP Storage Forum and has been an active contributor to the iSCSI and FCIP standardization processes.

Pricing and Availability
The SNP-1000 is priced at $335 in volume, and the SNP-1000i is priced at $150 in volume. Both products are currently sampling. The SNP-500 pricing will be announced when the product is sampling, planned for Q1 2003.

About Trebia Networks
Trebia Networks delivers innovative system-on-silicon solutions that power the next generation of storage networking products. Beginning with the newly introduced SNP-1000TM, SNP-1000iTM, and SNP-500TM, Trebia is creating a host of processors targeted to key storage networking applications. Trebia's SNP products greatly accelerate FCIP and iSCSI, enabling storage networking OEM's to deliver enterprise-class features for IP Storage applications while reducing cost, complexity and overall time to market required by alternative solutions. Incorporated in July 2000, Trebia Networks is based in Acton, in the middle of Massachusetts' high-tech corridor and has secured over $40 million in start-up funding from leading Venture Partners.

Trebia, SNP-1000, SNP-1000i and SNP-500 are trademarks of Trebia Networks, Inc.

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