IBM PowerNP Network Processor Breaks Benchmark Barriers

10/24/2002 - IBM announced that its PowerNP network processor has achieved several significant performance milestones in recent independent industry benchmark studies.

On the new LinleyBench 2002, the IBM PowerNP NP4GS3 is the first network processor to pass all required tests in the OC-48c configuration. In addition, the NP4GS3 is the first chip in the industry verified to operate at 10Gbps, while running the new IPv4 Forwarding industry standard benchmark established by the Network Processing Forum and certified by The Tolly Group.

IBM's PowerNP network processors can enable customers to differentiate their products by providing enough performance headroom above line rates to run specialized applications, enabling them to adapt to new marketplaces. The performance headroom is achieved through the use of a highly optimized "run to completion" hardware architecture, which includes 16 picoprocessors and over 80 co-processors for handling specialized networking tasks.

"Having objective, verifiable, and repeatable performance metrics in a marketplace where there are disparate approaches to solve performance issues is very important to our customers," said Armando Garcia, vice president of network processors, IBM Microelectronics. "IBM encourages the adoption of industry standards to measure performance, and we continue to demonstrate our commitment to openly benchmark our PowerNP network processors."

On LinleyBench 2002, the NP4GS3 passed all required IPv4, DiffServ-with-30K-routes and DiffServ-with-100K-routes tests in the OC-48c configuration. The NP4GS3 passed all IPv4 forwarding tests by forwarding all frames at all frame sizes with zero frame loss. Internet-like traffic was generated and sent to the NP4GS3-based system which then successfully routed the entire data stream to its next destination, without any errors.

IBM is an active member of the Network Processing Forum, which has created an industry standard IPv4 forwarding benchmark. IBM's results, along with interfaces, configuration parameters, and test set-up have been independently certified by The Tolly Group and released by the NPF. IBM achieved greater than 10Gbps throughput by employing three PowerNP NP4GS3 network processors in the data path. These results follow up IBM's commitment to proving the performance capabilities of its PowerNP Network Processor. In February, the IBM PowerNP NP4GS3 became the first network processor independently certified to operate at OC-48c line rate, in results verified by The Tolly Group.

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