Atmel Introduces Low-Voltage IR Receiver T2527 with Extended Transmission Range for 3-V Remote-Control Applications

10/24/2002 - Atmel® announced the availability of a new low-voltage IR (InfraRed) receiver IC for remote-control receiver applications such as TV, VCR, satellite receivers, mobile cameras, audio devices, air-conditioning systems, toys, wireless keyboards, and wireless mice. The T2527's low-voltage feature makes it well suited for all kinds of battery-driven devices, especially those operating at 3 V. This device provides an extended transmission range compared to most available products.

The device's supply voltage range is especially optimized for the range of 2.7 to 3.6 V to support 3-V mobile end products. Therefore, these applications will need fewer, smaller batteries and thus have smaller size and weight, which is an important issue for mobile applications. Also, the resulting low current consumption (25% less at 5 V) will enable to design mobile end products with extended operating time. The current consumption is lower than 1 mA.

Due to the outstanding sensitivity performance (less than 1 nA), along with the connected PIN diode and the device's small bandwidth (+/-1.25%), the T2527 provides extended transmission distance with less tolerances than most conventional products, even in dark environment when using a standard remote-control transmitter.

The T2527 is highly integrated; to design a complete reception unit (either module or discrete solution), only a high-performance IR-receiving diode (normally a PIN diode) has to be connected to the IC. No further external parts are required, which saves cost and space on the printed circuit board or within the module.

A further benefit of the T2527 is its high noise and disturbance suppression. Due to a special regulation algorithm, noise suppression (against noise radiated from daylight or sunlight, as well as noise from energy-saving lamps, inverter-lamps and fluorescent lamps) is excellent and thus ensures both proper operation and extended receiving distance under worst conditions.

Atmel's strategy is to provide various IR receiver solutions to meet designers' different needs. The earlier introduced IR receiver T2525 covers the conventional 5-V operating range to support the most popular high-volume applications, whereas the recently introduced T2526 and the new T2527 are dedicated to the 3-V mobile applications with their specific need for low supply voltage and low current consumption.

As with the IR receivers T2525 and T2526, the new T2527 is available with various carrier frequencies (30, 33, 36, 38, 40, 44, 56 and 78 kHz) and in 3 regulation versions. The standard version works with almost all transmission protocols used worldwide. The lamp-version ICs provide improved disturbance suppression, and the short-burst version is especially designed for applications with high data rates and short bursts. These three versions cover all popular infrared remote control applications.

Samples of the T2527 as die in tray are available now. The standard delivery form is entire wafers (unsawn). Pricing for the T2527 starts at 0.21 US$ (10k).

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