Parasoft Joins Green Hills' Partner Program to Provide Automated Unit Testing for Embedded C/C++ Development

10/23/2002 - Parasoft, the leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software, announced that it has joined Green Hills Software's Third Party Program as a Program member. Parasoft will upgrade C++Test to support Green Hills Software's Optimizing C++/EC++ compilers. The updated solution will enable Parasoft to offer their automated unit testing capabilities to developers working on embedded C/C++ applications.

Software quality is a major issue facing embedded developers and thorough testing is critical in ensuring reliable applications. Unit testing is an industry-respected means for developers to catch errors early in development when they are easy to locate and more cost-effective to correct. However, because of the time-consuming nature of unit testing, it often gets overlooked as development rushes to meet deadlines and release dates. By using C++Test with the Green Hills Optimizing compiler, embedded developers will be able to easily and automatically perform thorough unit testing to prevent many errors from being introduced to their applications.

"Parasoft C++Test enables developers to test their C/C++ classes as they write them, when errors are easier and more cost-effective to correct,'' said Adam Kolawa, Parasoft CEO. "Giving our customers world-class software support is important to us and Green Hill's Optimizing compiler was a top choice in compilers for embedded development."

"Customers want professional end-to-end software tools and real-time operating systems when creating their software applications," said Robert Redfield, director of Partner Programs at Green Hills. "Parasoft's products and our compilers combine to give customers effective testing capabilities which will accelerate their products into the market. Green Hills is pleased with Parasoft's support plans and welcomes them as a Program partner."

C++Test works to prevent errors by automatically testing any C/C++ class, function, or component without requiring developers to write a single test case, harness, or stub. With the click of a button, C++Test automatically performs static analysis of code using industry-respected coding standards, tests code construction (white-box testing), tests code functionality (black-box testing), and maintains code integrity (regression testing). From traditional to extreme programming, integrating C++Test into the development process automates a vital testing technique for any programming process, preventing software errors and ensuring that code is structurally sound and maintainable.

Green Hills Optimizing C++ compiler includes a variety of user-selectable language feature combinations to meet specific needs. The C++ Compilers conform to the ANSI/ISO C++ standard. Ranging from bare-bones C up through full-blown ANSI C++, the Green Hills Optimizing C++ Compilers offer many options in between, including the new Embedded C++ (EC++).

About Green Hills Software
Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software Inc. is the technology leader for real-time operating systems and software development tools for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITYTM and ThreadX® RTOSes, compilers, MULTI® Integrated Development Environment and Green Hills Probe, offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.

About Parasoft
Founded in 1987, Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. The Parasoft family of Automated Error Prevention tools includes Jtest, Jcontract, CodeWizard, C++Test, Insure++, WebKing, and SOAPtest. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web, and enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft is a privately funded company, which has been granted eight patents and numerous awards Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036.

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