Vitesse Intelligent Switch Fabrics Interoperable With Intel Network Processors

10/23/2002 - Vitesse Semiconductor announced interoperability with its GigaStreamTM and TeraStreamTM intelligent switch fabrics and the Intel IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors, giving system designers an ideal combination of proven silicon products that provide seamless interfaces and exceed typical first-pass success rates for system development.

A switch fabric and network processor work together in a variety of applications including metro and core routers, multi-service switches, enterprise backbones, storage area networks, and 3G wireless gateways. They are tasked to solve communications functions such as protocol analysis, packet processing and forwarding, traffic management and switching.

Together, the products from Vitesse and Intel will provide glueless and optimized solutions to address these specific applications. Common interfaces between the product lines will efficiently and affordably unite the technologies. Comprehensive interoperability across the product lines implemented at the software, physical and functional levels will help to reduce overall system development investment and expedite time-to-market. Additionally, the standards-based interface shared between the network processor and the switch fabric allows a network system to evolve with technology advancements while maintaining backward compatibility.

"Vitesse and Intel's collaboration is a powerful example of how standards-based products benefit the industry," said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "These established vendors are working together to expedite and cost reduce customer designs by simplifying the development process and eliminating glue logic."

"Since switch fabrics and network processors are first to be selected in the design decision process, having Vitesse switch fabrics and Intel network processors work together is a natural industry progression," stated Richard Riker, vice president of sales and marketing for Vitesse. "This collaboration provides our customers with the choices they are demanding."

Vitesse and Intel will demonstrate an example design platform during the Network Processors Conference West, October 22 - 24, 2002 in Intel's booth #504. It will showcase Vitesse's GigaStream fabric interface working with the Intel IXDP2400 Development Platform.

"The interoperability between Intel's network processors and Vitesse's GigaStream and TeraStream switch fabrics will provide customers with significant time-to-market savings," said Doug Davis, general manager of the Intel Networking Group. "In using this standards-based interface approach, Intel and Vitesse are effectively addressing the customer's needs in developing high-performing equipment for today's market."

About Vitesse
Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation is a leading designer and supplier of innovative, high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) and optical modules used in next generation networking and optical communications equipment. The Company's products address the needs of Enterprise, Access, Metro, Core, and Optical Transport network equipment manufacturers who demand a robust combination of high-speed, high-service delivery and low-power dissipation in their products. In concert with its broad communications product portfolio, Vitesse also develops ICs for storage area networking and enclosure management. Vitesse is headquartered in Camarillo, Calif, and operates two fabrication facilities: one in Camarillo and one in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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