HERON Touts 24 Million Gates for Single PCI Slot

10/23/2002 - Traquair Data Systems announced that HERON DSP Systems are now supporting up to 24MGates of Virtex®-II gate resources in a single PCI slot. A single HERON HEPC9 Carrier Board fitted with four HERON-FPGA4 modules enables developers to address processing intensive DSP applications with a re-configurable 24M Gates system capable of sustaining and processing very high data rates.

Each HERON-FPGA4 module fitted to the HEPC9 Carrier Board adds a programmable 3 or 6MGates Virtex-II FPGA, that can be clocked at up to 365MHz as well as access to 83 lines of user configurable Digital I/O. The Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA allows high bandwidth data to be processed in real-time with software programmable functions such as digital filters, decimators, FFTs, and down-conversion algorithms. Once processed, data can be exchanged with optional TMS320C6000 DSP Processor modules or other data acquisition & I/O resources within the modular HERON DSP hardware environment.

The Hunt Engineering designed HERON architecture allows developers the flexibility to arbitrarily combine high density Virtex-II based FPGA modules with high performance TMS320C6000 DSP processors and a wide range of other data acquisition and I/O interface options. HERON modules can be combined in single or multi-board configurations to satisfy a wide range of high performance DSP requirements.

The HERON-FPGA4 modules are ideal where algorithms are straightforward but require processing at high rates. Many examples can be found in the front ends of RADAR (bandwidth selection, decimation, etc.), digital radio (digital down-conversion) and imaging applications (add images, high speed filtering...). In such situations, FPGAs can easily outperform conventional DSP processors.

"FPGA technology has advanced to the point where it provides a substantial resource for demanding, high bandwidth, real-time DSP applications" commented Stephen J. Bradshaw, President of Traquair, Inc. "The heterogeneous nature of HERON DSP Systems allows developers to utilize the latest FPGAs alongside the latest DSP and Data Acquisition technologies - all within a single, fully integrated hardware environment."

Users can take advantage of the Xilinx FoundationTM Integrated Synthesis Environment (ISE) for their HERON FPGA designs. They can also benefit from the range of ready-to-use DSP core solutions from Xilinx and Xilinx 3rd Party AllianceCORETM partners. These include filters, correlators, Fast Fourier Transforms, direct digital synthesis, math functions, and memories.

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