M-Systems' DiskOnKey Technology Platform Expands Product Line To Offer Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Capability

10/23/2002 - M-Systems, a leader in flash-based data storage products, announced DiskOnKey 2.0, M-Systems' first Hi-Speed USB 2.0 device based on the recently announced DiskOnKey Technology platform. The new device is up to date with the latest USB 2.0 standards that have been set by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for Hi-Speed USB 2.0, increasing the connection speed from Original USB 1.1 of 12Mbps to 480Mbps with Hi-Speed USB 2.0. The DiskOnKey 2.0 ultimately increases read-speeds, offers backward compatibility with existing USB 1.1 ports and allows applications, such as video, to make keychain storage devices more mainstream.

"M-Systems is constantly working with OEMs and partners to innovate and meet the new and growing demands of the market," said Blaine Phelps, worldwide marketing manager for M-Systems' DiskOnKey Division. "DiskOnKey Technology's flexibility enables compelling solutions, such as applications developed with M-Systems' software developers kit (SDK), cost-efficient design, and now Hi-Speed USB 2.0. Portable computing solutions have shown their impact in today's market and M-Systems believes DiskOnKey 2.0 will help Hi-Speed USB 2.0 grow at a phenomenal rate."

USB 2.0 was developed by a core team of engineers from Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, NEC and Philips to increase data throughput. Additionally the consortium wanted to maintain the flexibility behind USB and designed USB 2.0 to be backward compatible with Original USB 1.1 products. The DiskOnKey has undergone rigorous testing for reliability and durability, securing certification by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Testing Lab (WHQL), as well as being the only for USB 1.1 product in the category approved to carry the certified-USB logo set by the USB-IF. DiskOnKey 2.0 is currently in review by the USB-IF to carry the certified Hi-Speed USB logo.

Availability of M-Systems' DiskOnKey Technology
M-Systems' award-winning DiskOnKey device now featuring USB 2.0 is currently available in 64, 128, 256, and 512MB capacities, with an MSRP of $99.99, $149.99, $249.99 and $449.99 respectively. DiskOnKey 2.0 is currently shipping throughout Asia and will be available domestically in the first quarter of 2003.

About M-Systems
M-Systems (Nasdaq: FLSH) is a leader and innovator of flash-based data storage products known as flash disks. M-Systems' flash disks provide the functionality of a mechanical hard drive in a silicon chip. M-Systems' products are based on its patented TrueFFS® technology and target applications in a vast array of markets, including connected devices, mobile and telecom. M-Systems' products include the DiskOnChip®, DiskOnKey® and Fast Flash Disk (FFDTM) product families.

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