Compuware Unveils DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle

10/23/2002 - Compuware announced the availability DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle, a suite of PL/SQL debugging, profiling and tuning tools. Through proactive analysis and debugging of PL/SQL, automated tuning of SQL, and other features, DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle significantly reduces the development time for applications and stored procedures, helping developers deliver more reliable applications quickly and easily.

In version 4.1, DevPartnerDB introduces stored procedure profiling support. The performance profiler provides an in-depth look at stored procedure performance, allowing developers to quickly pinpoint which PL/SQL stored programs are causing performance problems. The profiler also reports which lines of code have been executed for a particular testing scenario, revealing potential code-coverage issues. Developers who want to achieve maximum performance from their applications will be able to quickly detect time-consuming stored procedures within their applications.

External debug, the unique ability of DevPartnerDB to launch a debugging session from a running application, has been enhanced to give developers more control over selecting PL/SQL objects to debug. External debug now has the ability to target specific users or filter messages related to specified objects. Additionally, external debug can launch a profiling session, which is useful for capturing performance data within the context of a running application.

"DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle provides a stable development platform for testing Oracle procedures and helps identify problem areas that may occur within my code," said beta tester Jesse A. Crowley, IT Developer for a major defense contractor. "With the added functionality of an easy-to-use database monitor, DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle allows me to visually see what resources are being used, helping to identify causes of database performance issues."

DevPartnerDB 4.1 now offers an extensibility interface, allowing developers to customize the debugger to meet their specific debugging requirements. Toolbar buttons may be added to permit easy, one-button access to frequently executed tasks, simplifying iterative development and debugging workflow. In addition, direct links to various development support portals can be placed conveniently on the toolbar. Other new features include XML data export and import capabilities and extended support for the Oracle9i database including 9i syntax support.

"Application developers need dependable tools to help them determine if stored procedures are performing properly as well as to identify and correct problems quickly," said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families. "DevPartnerDB helps developers spot problems early in the application development cycle and react immediately to database SQL performance problems, saving them time and money."

Unlike any other product, DevPartnerDB allows developers to debug and tune PL/SQL in context to an application, giving them a clear understanding of exactly what the application is executing on the database. Taking advantage of Oracle’s power, DevPartnerDB provides an inside look at the SQL statements exchanged between an application and an Oracle database, making it easy for developers to debug, profile and tune applications for improved performance and reduced time-to-market.

DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Oracle supports Oracle database versions 7.3.3 through 9i release 2 and is currently shipping at a U.S. price of $3,300.

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