3Dlabs Ships Entry-Level, Dual Screen Wildcat Workstation Graphics

10/23/2002 - 3Dlabs® introduced Wildcat® VP560 – a dual-screen capable, entry-level member of its highly-acclaimed Wildcat VP family of programmable professional graphics accelerators. Wildcat VP560 uses 3Dlabs’ scalable Visual Processing Architecture to deliver professional-class performance and quality for computer aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC), desktop publishing and web design professionals at an estimated street price of just $249 US (Pricing in other regions may vary).

The Wildcat VP560 ships with 64MB of memory, dual DVI-I connectors for driving two independent analog or digital displays, and supports a full 4GB virtual address space. The board is shipping immediately in the US and Europe through 3Dlabs extensive network of distributors, systems integrators, resellers and retailers.

Wildcat VP560 introduces a new, cost-engineered visual processing unit, the Wildcat VP500 VPU, designed to make Wildcat graphics productivity accessible to every designer. "3Dlabs has delivered a new, low-cost VPU variant just four months after the debut of the mid-range Wildcat VP boards," stated Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development for 3Dlabs. "This rapid time to market is a testament to the scalability of our Visual Processing Architecture which provides 100 percent driver compatibility and consistent levels of professional productivity, throughout the Wildcat VP family."

The Wildcat VP500 VPU includes the first deployment of 3Dlabs’ patent-pending SlipstreamTM graphics technology that significantly boosts the rendering efficiency of a standard graphics pipeline through advanced visibility culling and spatial cache optimizations. Slipstream technology will be incorporated in all future 3Dlabs VPUs and can boost application performance by up to 60 percent.

Also announced, the new 3Dlabs AcuityTM Driver Suite is bundled with the Wildcat VP560 and provides a unified driver package for all Wildcat VP-based accelerators. The driver suite includes highly optimized and professional application-certified OpenGL® and Direct3D® drivers, a custom 3ds max R4 driver for a 20 percent performance boost, as well as a brand new Acuity Window Manager to increase designer productivity, especially on dual screen desktops. The full Acuity Driver Suite is available for download for existing Wildcat VP users on 3Dlabs’ website.

The full programmability of Wildcat VP560 enables the board to fully accelerate 3Dlabs’ prototype OpenGL 2.0 drivers, which are available to qualified independent software vendors.

"The introduction of the Wildcat VP560 proves that 3Dlabs can scale the Visual Processing Architecture, and get it to market quickly with OpenGL and Direct3D acceleration," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, the leading market research firm in multimedia and graphics. "The fact that 3Dlabs is also supporting the emerging OpenGL 2.0 shading language on this new low-cost board demonstrates their ongoing commitment to put the market-changing high-level programmability into the hands of as many ISVs as possible, and we applaud this effort."

About 3Dlabs
3Dlabs, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., supplies graphics accelerator solutions to a broad range of professionals including the Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and visual simulation markets. Its award-winning OxygenTM and Wildcat® graphics are available in the industry’s leading OEM workstations, in the channel through an international distributor/reseller network, and directly to end-users at 3Dlabs’ online store.

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