NetBSD 1.6 Released on CD-ROM

10/22/2002 - NetBSD 1.6, the new version of the BSD operating system widely used in embedded and storage applications, is being made available on a new CD-ROM distribution from Wasabi Systems. NetBSD 1.6 improves the performance and stability of applications, file-systems and networking; adds support for eleven new platforms and many new devices; incorporates various security enhancements; and updates many third-party programs.

"NetBSD 1.6 is our most comprehensive release to date," said Luke Mewburn, a release engineer for the NetBSD Project, the organization that oversees the open-source development of the OS. "It contains a full binary release (rather than source-only) for thirty-nine different platforms, over double that of the previous release, and many significant new features."

"NetBSD has long been recognized as having some of the most robust networking capability available for any operating system. And thanks to the hard work of hundreds of NetBSD developers, Version 1.6 adds to this strength," said Alistair Crooks, Director of Engineering of Wasabi, emphasizing the new optimizations to TCP timers, the zero-copy changes for the TCP and UDP transmit path, and new support for IPv4 and IPv6. Crooks also noted that NetBSD's TCP/IP stack is a reference implementation often used by other operating systems.

Wasabi's CD-ROM releases include a four-CD "Standard" release with full binaries for thirty-nine platforms, retailing for $24.95, and the six-CD "Deluxe" release, which includes over 3000 popular applications for the OS, including the Apache webserver, desktops from KDE and GNOME, and the OpenOffice productivity suite, retailing for $64.95. They are available from Wasabi Systems, as well as leading software vendors.

About NetBSD
NetBSD is an advanced embeddable operating system derived from BSD Unix. The product of twenty years of development, NetBSD can port to new hardware in less time and at lower cost than proprietary operating systems, yet is free of Linux's restrictive GPL License, which often forces companies to reveal their intellectual property. NetBSD's small footprint and advanced networking capability make it the OS of choice for many manufacturers of Internet infrastructure and storage devices.

About Wasabi Systems
Wasabi Systems Inc. is the commercial source for NetBSD products and services. A venture-backed company whose investors include Intel Capital, Himalaya Capital, and Newlight Ventures, Wasabi provides custom software products and support to embedded systems OEMs.

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