Texas Instruments, Mindready Solutions Announce Industry's First Reference Platform for Automotive Control and Information Systems

10/22/2002 - Pushing automotive communications to new levels, Texas Instruments (TI) and Mindready Solutions announced the development of the industry's first reference platform for designing automotive control and information systems that interface through the IDB-1394 high-speed serial bus. The reference platform, available now for system design, will reduce time to market for automotive electronics manufacturers as they develop next generation multimedia networks. Developed for the automotive and transportation market, the platform will be on display at the Convergence 2002 Automotive Show, held in Detroit October 21-23.

Renault, one of the leading European car manufacturers, is the first customer to adopt the platform. "Renault is pleased to work with TI and Mindready, who are recognized leaders in 1394 products and system integration," said Stephane Korzin, Network, Security and Architecture team leader for Advanced Engineering of Telematic and Multimedia Applications at Renault. "Thanks to the expertise of the TI-Mindready team, we can develop IDB-1394 applications today, bringing Renault customers the benefits of this high-speed bus for control and information systems."

A complete, easy-to-use IDB-1394 development platform
The IDB-1394 reference platform provides a complete, easy-to-use solution for interfacing new applications in the vehicle. By using IDB-1394 technology, the platform will allow easy integration of DVD video players, navigation systems, digital video cameras, portable storage devices and other building blocks for advanced automotive multimedia networks.

The platform features the second-generation device from TI's ceLynx family, the TSB43CA43A link layer IC (also known as iceLynx-Micro), which transfers high sample-rate digital audio data between A/V (Audio/Video) receivers and DVD-audio/Super Audio CD players. The iceLynx-Micro also supports digital transmission content protection (DTCP), which is required to send DVD video or audio on automotive networks. Content can be sent digitally across the 1394 interface with no conversion to analog, down-mixing or down-sampling, which is required by other existing standards.

"By teaming with TI, we can provide complete IDB-1394 solutions to automotive manufacturers," said Vincent Guyaux, General Manager, Real-Time Solutions at Mindready. "Mindready's 1394 knowledge and system integration expertise and TI's product knowledge allow us to offer a platform that saves our customers time and money in developing new high-speed automotive communications applications and integrated solutions."

IDB-1394 brings higher bandwidth
Automotive communications are becoming increasingly bandwidth-intensive as demand increases for more high-speed control and information. Future generations of automobiles will include DVD players, navigation systems, digital video cameras and LCD displays. As early as 2004, the bandwidth demands of these emerging applications will obsolete the existing automotive multimedia networks that are used today. IDB-1394 provides the bandwidth needed to implement these applications with transmission speeds greater than 100 megabits per second (Mbps) over a standard lightweight fiber optical media with a universal connection. The IDB-1394 bus provides the ideal development platform for the convergence of consumer and automotive electronics.

TI leads in IDB-1394 solutions
TI is the industry leader in the development of IEEE 1394 solutions based on the company's dual commitment to this high-speed bus standard and to the automotive industry, and is leading the development of the IDB-1394 specification. TI also demonstrates its commitment to the automotive industry by moving toward TS16949 certification. TS16949 is the American auto industry quality system standard that embraces ISO9000 with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, and provides a foundation for an exceptional line of products. TS16949 is the new technical standard that is gaining acceptance as the WW replacement for QS9000.

"The new IDB-1394 reference platform illustrates TI's continued commitment to the automotive market," said Brad Little, Automotive Strategic Marketing Manager at TI. "TI's leading-edge technologies enable automotive manufacturers to provide feature-rich applications to their end customers. This allows OEMs to further differentiate their products and improve the overall driver experience."

The IDB-1394 reference platform is now available to designers and developers.

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