Avnet Applied Computing Is Now an Education Partner for Toshiba

10/22/2002 - Avnet Applied Computing in Nettetal (AAC) has just become one of Toshiba's education partners and via its own partners now supplies universities, polytechnics and research institutes with educational products. AAC staff who have received training from Toshiba will assist partners during the whole of the programme.

Toshiba Education Notebooks are specially equipped to meet the needs of schools and universities. Their state-of-the-art technology allows professors, teachers, students and school pupils to quickly research material, absorb it — using multimedia, and therefore more effectively — and to share the results quickly and easily. The aim is to acquaint pupils and students with modern working methods at an early stage, thus giving them greater opportunities on the labour market of tomorrow.

Toshiba's Satellite Education Notebooks are equipped with all the necessary communication interfaces such as LAN and WLAN and with a modem, IR and TV-output. They are being offered at favourable project and package prices and will help keep schools and universities right up to date.

Toshiba has also developed a Mobile Learning Station, based on WirelessLAN Technology, for use in different classrooms at the same time. Replacing a permanent computer room with 16 PCs, the notebook system with WirelessLAN offers maximum flexibility and freedom in an educational context. The WirelessLAN AccessPoint is located in a cabinet that runs on wheels, putting the wireless system close to the notebooks at all times and making it unnecessary for the whole of the building to have a wireless network installed. The idea is that the computer should be adapted to the educational approach at the school rather than the other way round.

The Mobile Learning Station is simple to use and is designed in such a way as to allow the largest possible number of pupils to profit from their school's investment in IT. That investment is in fact one with a real future because the WirelessLAN components are compatible with the global WiFi standard. All components can continue to be used if the system is expanded at a later date.

The product package includes a wheeled cabinet for 16 notebooks, a battery charger, server, Toshiba Education Notebooks with Wireless LAN, a Toshiba Server Magnia Z300 Tower with Wireless LAN PC Card, replacement batteries for the S1800 and chargers.

About Avnet Applied Computing
Distribution specialist Avnet Applied Computing has structured itself to serve original equipment manufacturers and system builders that use computing technologies such as CPUs, mass storage, displays, embedded computing boards, commercial motherboards, memory modules, networking and software products. Its related services include engineering assistance, supply-chain management, financing, physical distribution and integration of end products. Avnet Applied Computing, an operating group of technology marketing and services provider Avnet, Inc., has operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

About Avnet
Phoenix, Arizona-based Avnet, Inc., a Fortune 500 company with annual sales of $8.9 billion (year ended June 29, 2002), is one of the world's largest technology marketing and services providers. The company distributes semiconductors, interconnect, passive and electromechanical components, embedded systems and computer products from leading manufacturers. Serving customers in 63 countries, Avnet delivers services such as inventory management, supply-chain services, bill-of-material analysis, systems integration and engineering design assistance.

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